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Mom Notices UPS Driver Leave a Message on Her Door Cam - What He Said Changed both Their Lives
ups delivery driver leaves sweet message - sparks an unlikely friendship
Uplifting News

Mom Notices UPS Driver Leave a Message on Her Door Cam - What He Said Changed both Their Lives

One UPS delivery driver proved that a sweet moment can move mountains in a stranger's life.

UPS delivers over 24 million packages daily. Yet, as Jessica Kitchel of Roswell, Georgia found out, their employees -- a special one in particular -- is the real gift.

Her home security camera footage showed a delivery man walking up to her front porch when he noticed an oversized "lawn stork" to announce the birth of a baby boy.

After laying down the package, he leaned in to deliver a special message.

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If this is the ‘It’s a Boy’ house…I hope all is going well with your newborn. I had a child at around the same time you guys did, and I just hope everything is going good.

UPS delivery man

That brief moment would spark a cycle of sweetness that took on a life of its own.

Why a UPS Driver Left a Special Delivery Message on Camera

man carrying packages
Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash

Kitchel posted the video on Instagram and it quickly went viral with over 80,000 views.

"It was good to be reminded that there are still great people working hard every day for us!" read her caption.

Speaking with the Washington Post, Kitchel said that she was recovering from a C-section after the birth of her son Chancy and the message was exactly what she needed.

She wasn't the only one in need of it, as people left glowing comments.

"This story brought tears to my eyes! ❤️," posted one.

Absolutely love this! Just a few kind words can truly change a person's day. You never know behind closed doors what struggles a person may be going through.


Feeling the love, Kitchel had all the motivation she needed to find and thank the sweet UPS driver, and she wouldn't stop until she did.

The UPS Driver's Message That One Mother Needed Most

person holding a baby
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Kitchel posted several messages asking if anyone knew the driver's identity. After some work and contacting UPS directly, she finally got a name: Dallen Harrell. 

In a post, Kitchel also shared that Harrell had a 3-month-old son named Devereaux. Now it was time for Harrell to feel the love, and it was more than anyone expected.

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To start, Kitchel left a goodie box for Harrell containing diapers, wipes and a stuffed giraffe, and left it on her porch. Five days after the first delivery, Harrell delivered another package to Kitchel’s house and met the whole family.

Yet the kiddie karma was just beginning to swing Harrell’s way. After Kitchel linked Harrell’s baby registries at Target and Buy Buy Baby, gifts from strangers started pouring in.

How a UPS Driver Proved Kindness Is Always Delivered on Time

The two plan to keep their friendship bubbling with plans to introduce their baby boys to each other. Looking back on that day, Harrell said it was pretty simple.

I just went from my heart.

Dallen Harrell

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How many among us plan a fancy vacation when there are tons of cozy gems just a stone's throw away? It's the same thing with kindness.

We often try to think of the perfect gesture when often, it's about acting from the heart.

You don't need to study kindness quotes to have success, just live in the moment and dare to connect. Special deliveries are right on your front porch, you just have to open up.

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