Vinod Khosla – Follow Your Belief

Billionaire businessman Vinod Khosla talks about the importance of having a strong belief system, and of following your compass no matter what others may expect or think.


Ninety percent of you will do what’s expected of you, as opposed to what you want to do. Since one of the focuses of this lecture is leadership, I am amazed at how few people have a belief system. What do they actually believe in?

“Apple did language for 10, 15 years. Then Steve Jobs came in with a point of view, and created the most valuable company in the world. He did irrational things. If you go back to January 1, 2007, everybody was saying, ‘Nobody wants a phone without a keyboard. Nobody wants a phone that costs $699.’ I can go on with the litany.

“That’s leadership … having a belief system, knowing what’s driving you to do what you do, not you fitting in to do career enhancement … or making it look good to somebody else. Whether it’s to your friends, or to your boss, or to shareholders.

“Have a belief system, follow that compass. If I can convert one of you to follow your belief, and have the guts to follow your belief, I’ll think of the hour as well spent.