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5 Subtle Warning Signs That Your Partner Is Falling out of Love with You
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5 Subtle Warning Signs That Your Partner Is Falling out of Love with You

It’s the last thing in the world you want to think about:

Do they still love me?

Are the issues we’re having a sign that it’s over? These kinds of worries are normal at certain points in a relationship. However, if you let them go on too long they can become serious issues that may, in fact, become too difficult to overcome.

That’s why it’s critical to identify these warning signs before things go too far, so you can take steps to get through whatever the issue is.

Love between two adults is always conditional. You can fall out of love because you are able to fall in love.

– Bryan Cranston

These are five warning signs that your partner may be falling out of love:

1. They’re spending less time with you and more with others

If your partner is suddenly spending a lot more time with friends and less time with you, that’s a sign they may be falling out of love with you.

Sure, they’re entitled to spend time with others just as you are. But when you notice a big shift in the amount of time they spend with you vs. others then it usually means something is amiss.

Also, sometimes they’ll express this with something else such as work. Instead of spending less time with you and more with their friends or others they’ll start spending much more time at work or on whatever project they’re using to preoccupy themselves.

2. They’re less receptive

If your partner has suddenly become much less open than they once were, that’s also a good sign they may be falling out of love.

As soon as someone’s feelings change, they’re going to want to close up to the other person because they don’t want to reveal what’s on their mind. We do this frequently about things in friendships and with family and colleagues at work as well, not just intimate relationships.

If you’ve noticed it’s become much harder to communicate with your partner recently, this isn’t necessarily the only reason, but it’s definitely a red flag and something you should get to the bottom of either way.

3. They no longer want to be intimate

Early on in a relationship, you couldn’t keep your hands off of each other. That’s how it is for everyone.

Over time, this changes and intimacy becomes a little less frequent and much less steamy. However, in any good relationship frequent physical contact and intimacy is still a mainstay.

That’s why if your partner has stopped showing signs of wanting to be physically intimate, even something as simple as holding hands, you should be concerned. Often, this is one of the first signs because it’s an unconscious act on the part of the person who is falling out of love as they start to feel more distant.

4. Signs of commitment start to vanish

Has your partner either stopped mentioning, or stopped wanting to talk about when you mention it, certain topics of commitment such as marriage, kids, or simply moving in with one another?

Like life, a relationship needs progress to stay healthy and alive. There should be a consistent sense of moving forward together wherever it is that you’re going. But if your partner just doesn’t seem interested in talking about anything like that anymore, that’s a big sign they don’t feel the same as they once did.

5. They refrain from making eye contact

A relationship is built upon different forms of contact. Communication allows us to connect with our partner on an intellectual level and intimacy allows us to connect predominantly physically. Anything that makes you feel like that close connection has waned is a sign there is a falling out.

One of those things can be a lack of eye contact. If your partner seems intent on avoiding eye contact suddenly, especially if this comes in connection with a sudden loss of intimacy, that’s a big sign they just might not feel the same way anymore.

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