Realize that the fact you are here reading this now is because you chose not to quit.

You chose not to quit when your loved ones suggested it best, and you chose not to quit when life convinced you they were right.

You chose not to quit, because your conviction is stronger than your doubts. You came here to live out your dreams with full power, and therefore you experience disappointment on a whole new level when you fall short. This is a perk, not a flaw.

When Quitting Feels Like the Only Option

When Quitting Feels Like the Only Option

You will never truly know yourself, or the strength of your relationships, until both have been tested by adversity.

– J.K. Rowling (read more quotes)

The standards you set for yourself are admirable – not ‘unrealistic.’ So many people live for nothing, happy to settle for whatever life tosses their way. You are not one of them. As Les Brown said, “You are different; you have greatness within you.” And because of this, the ache of failure keeps you up at night longer than the average person.

Honour that; be glad that this is your truth. Your perseverance and perfectionist nature will send you further in life than your mind can currently conceive.

So recognize that your present circumstances are temporary. That the challenges you are facing are the storm before the beautiful calm that lies ahead. That no one ever reached abundance without being tested along the way. Oprah Winfrey. J.K. Rowling. Stephen King. The list goes on endlessly.

Imagine a life where you didn’t have to work: where every luxury came to you as easily as air and all you needed to do was sit down and await it. In theory this life sounds perfect but in practice it would be crucifying. What would there be to live for if you could have everything with no effort?

Even the richest people on the planet can’t have everything. Even they still have goals; new targets that will require even more growth for them to be able to reach. The sweetest luxuries in life taste sweeter when they are well-earned. Remember that.

Remember the way food tastes more deserved after a workout; the specific gratitude you feel for water only after you’ve sweated; how much you treasure every second of a break away primarily because you paid for it with your own cash.

To quote Les Brown one final time, “Do what is easy, and your life will be hard. But if you do what is hard, your life will be easy.”

Even when it would be so much simpler to give up and do what is easy, always, always be brave enough to do what is hard. It took you courage to get here and it will take courage to continue.

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