If you’re looking for some insight whether or not your love life is on a positive track, consider consulting a psychic for some guidance. Although it’s important to keep their information in perspective, these gifted clairvoyants may be able to provide some scoop about where your love life is headed — or at least offer a fun narrative for you to try and manifest on your own.  Use their guidance as part of a larger picture to find happiness and fulfillment.

Here are some reasons why it may be a good idea to consult a psychic.

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They may calm your worries

Providing insight may put you in a position to make more informed decisions. “A gifted and accurate psychic can give you insight into your world to ease your state of mind,” says Shira Benedetto, M.A., a psychic medium. “Many times, individuals find themselves in a state of anxiety, fear, worry or distress simply because they ‘don’t know’ what lies ahead.  Those feelings they are having can cause great emotional pain, and a session with a trusted psychic can diminish the distress.”

They can empower you to navigate your life   

According to Benedetto, compassionate psychics have a big heart and can see where you are hurting.  “Because of that, we act as you confidant and can empower you make to make necessary changes by identifying past, existing and future situations, so that you can navigate your life with certainty, love, and ease,” Benedetto says.  Sometimes all it takes to getting out of your own way is having a non-judgmental psychic voice with accurate vision to show you the pathway towards happiness and love, she says.

They can provide clarity

A reading with a well-trained, experienced psychic can be validating and bring great clarity.
“A reading can help fill in the dots so-to-speak when we feel emotionally stuck,” says Jodi Livon, a psychic, medium and intuitive coach. “When it comes to something like love however, it’s best to rely on our own insight. We can consider what we learned from a reading but in the end, our heart and gut know best.” She does add that it’s important to remember that psychics are interpreting the information they perceive. “Much has to do with their own life experience so whatever he or she shares is colored by their feelings about love,” she adds. “In matters of the heart, the soul knows best.”

They can give an objective opinion

The circle of friends that you have around you may mean well but aren’t always a good barometer of what is right for you. “The best reason to consult a psychic is to get a third party opinion from someone who has no emotional investment in your situation,” says Karen Rontowski, a psychic and tarot card specialist.   

They may help you see the best in your partner

According to Rontowski, soulmates are people who are in this life to teach us something so there can be a lot of fighting and head-butting. Says Rontowski: “I can’t tell you how many times I have told people, ‘Hold on, I wouldn’t pass on this one yet.”

They can encourage you to change your vibe

A psychic can also bring to light the blocks that you may be putting out there that keep you from meeting someone, Rontowski says. “I often tell people why they are still single and how they can change the vibe they are sending out,” she continues. “It’s usually not a big surprise to the person but it makes them more aware that they have to change to have their life change.  We have more influence in our fate than we think. We are always attracting what we are sending out so if you don’t like what you’re getting start with you.”