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WingStop Manager Left Homeless Due To Terrible Fire - Grateful Customer Steps In With Best Response
Wingstop manager left homeless due to devastating fire - customer steps in to get her a new home and supplies
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WingStop Manager Left Homeless Due To Terrible Fire - Grateful Customer Steps In With Best Response

Two Floridians who experienced misfortunes together have come to each others rescue.

Two strong women in Florida were originally brought together by a near-death experience, and a second tragedy has kept them close.

The lives of Jajahira Rosado and Chaseedaw Gable became intertwined when Chaseedaw’s two-year-old son became unconscious in a WingStop in Bradenton.

Losing consciousness

When her son, Antonio, hit his head, the WingStop manager ran over to his rescue. That manager was Jajahira, and she was able to revive him using CPR.

He could have been gone in an instant.

Chaseedaw Gable

After Jajahira’s heroic act, the two women stayed in touch and became friends. Occasionally, Chaseedaw visited Jajahira’s WingStop to say hello.

"I feel like she needs a friend, and I know I need a friend too," Chaseedaw said.

Jajahira’s own tragedy

Unfortunately, another tragedy struck the friends when Jajahira’s apartment building caught on fire.

"I was sleeping, my daughters were sleeping, too,” Jajahira said. "When I looked, the fire was too much. So I ran back inside to get my daughters.”

Jajahira's family was able to escape, but not every inhabitant was so lucky. 11-month-old Lazier Bennett died in a next-door apartment due to the fire.

The damaged furniture, charred walls, and smoke-damaged clothing meant that Jajahira had not only lost her home but also everything inside.

The smoke is on the clothes, the sofa, the beds, we don't have anything. I never thought this was going to happen to me.

Jajahira Rosado

A friend to the rescue

Left homeless, Jajahira called her friend and real estate agent, Chaseedaw. Upon hearing the news, Chaseedaw organized a drive for food, clothing, and supplies to help Jajahira and her two daughters. "We can help each other," Jajahira said.

When Chaseedaw desperately needed help, Jajahira came to her rescue, saving her son. Now, when the tables turned, Chaseedaw is providing the same help for Jajahira.

"Don't take anything for granted," Chaseedaw said. "It doesn't take long before something happens to you or before you are in somebody else's shoes.”

What goes around comes around

Chaseedaw put it perfectly: Help anyone who needs it, for you can be in their position, asking for help for yourself, soon enough. Jajahira did not think about her own future when she saved young Antonio, and this act not only brought her a new friend but also some much-needed help after her own tragedy.

Both Chaseedaw and Jajahira have put empathy and care into the world, and as is the rule of karma, they have received this empathy and care back.

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