Written by L. Frank Baum and first published in 1900, The Wizard of Oz (or The Wonderful Wizard of Oz) is one of the best-known children stories in American literature that has been translated or adapted into more than fifty languages.

The story of Oz is a classic because it blends elements of traditional magic, humor, timeless characters and delight. And let’s not forget about the inspiring life lessons the author shares with his readers.

The book has become an established part of multiple cultures. In certain countries some of the characters are replaced, but the story remains quite the same. The Wizard of Oz has also generated a long series of sequels, musicals, stage plays, movies and TV shows.

The novel was a success right from the start – by the time it entered the public domain, The Wizard of Oz has sold more than 3 million copies. The book that Baum dedicated to his beloved wife was named “America’s greatest and best-loved homegrown fairytale” by the Library of Congress.

Here’s our list of 14 The Wizard of Oz quotes that will forever inspire you:


Dorothy: How can you talk, if you haven’t got a brain?

The Scarecrow: I don’t know. But, some people without brains do an awful lot of talking, don’t they?


A heart is not judged by how much you love; but by how much you are loved by others. -The Wizard of Oz

If I ever go looking for my heart’s desire again, I won’t look any further than my own back yard. Because if it isn’t there, I never really lost it to begin with! Is that right? – Dorothy

You’ve always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself. – Glinda the Good Witch

As for you, my galvanized friend, you want a heart. You don’t know how lucky you are not to have one. Hearts will never be practical until they can be made unbreakable. – The Wizard of Oz

You have plenty of courage, I am sure. All you need is confidence in yourself. There is no living thing that is not afraid when it faces danger. The true courage is in facing danger when you are afraid, and that kind of courage you have in plenty. – The Wizard of Oz

No matter how dreary and gray our homes are, we people of flesh and blood would rather live there than in any other country, be it ever so beautiful. There is no place like home. – Dorothy


I shall take the heart. For brains do not make one happy, and happiness is the best thing in the world. – Tin Man

A baby has brains, but it doesn’t know much. Experience is the only thing that brings knowledge, and the longer you are on earth the more experience you are sure to get. – The Wizard of Oz

You people with hearts, have something to guide you, and need never do wrong; but I have no heart, and so I must be very careful. – Tin Man

You are under the unfortunate impression that just because you run away you have no courage; you’re confusing courage with wisdom. – The Wizard of Oz

If anyone treads on my toes or sticks a pin into me, it doesn’t matter, for I can’t feel it. But I do not want people to call me a fool… – Scarecrow

Courage! What makes a king out of a slave? Courage! What have they got that I ain’t got? – Cowardly Lion

Dorothy: Weren’t you frightened?

Wizard of Oz: Frightened? Child, you’re talking to a man who’s laughed in the face of death, sneered at doom, and chuckled at catastrophe… I was petrified.