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Teen Finds Out Her Grandmother Has Been Saving Pennies for Four Years - For One Very Special Reason
Woman Saves for 4 Years to Buy Granddaughter the Most Beautiful Prom Dress
Uplifting News

Teen Finds Out Her Grandmother Has Been Saving Pennies for Four Years - For One Very Special Reason

Teen shows just how much her grandma loves her in viral video.

Prom is a big deal for many people.

It’s the first event that marks a teen's transition into adulthood. For some, it’s their first chance to dress up and act fancy. And for many, it’s a reason to celebrate their achievements with friends.

Having the right outfit can go a long way in helping a promgoer feel special, which is why this story hits home for so many.

A Grandmother Saves for Years

teen girl wearing beautiful prom dress

Jayden Shatzer knows she has a special grandmother. That’s why she decided to share her with the rest of the world via TikTok. In a video from earlier this year, Jayden explained how her grandmother, Kim, went above and beyond to make sure she had the best prom ever.

“My grandma has been saving these pennies since I started high school,” she captioned the video, which included jars of pennies being poured into a coin-counting machine. In fact, there were so many pennies that, at one point, they jammed up the machine.

“She saved them to buy my senior prom dress,” Jayden explained. “Get a Grandma like mine,” she captioned the overall video.

In the end, the coins added up to a little over $357 — $340 after counting fees. It was more than enough for Jayden to pick out a beautiful dress and shoes for her special night. As for the video, it went viral with more than a million views.

“For all of you saying you love my grandma, I swear she literally didn’t even know I was posting this,” Jayden added in another video.

The Prom of a Lifetime

With so many people invested in Jayden’s dress thanks to her grandmother’s kind act, the teen eventually posted some follow-up videos to show users her prom look. In a May 7, 2023 post, she called her floor-length seafoam dress (with a gorgeous slit) her “penny prom dress” as she posed in various photos.

“All thanks to Grandma Kim,” she added to the video overtop a photo of her hugging her grandmother.

According to the various photos and videos Jayden shared, she definitely had the prom of a lifetime — and a dress that perfectly encapsulated her grandmother’s love. Although in the caption, she admitted the best part was leaving prom and going to Applebees.

In the comments, plenty of people pointed out how awesome Jayden's grandmother is. Others wished their grandmothers were still alive so that they, too, could have moments like these.

“She’s our grandma now,” one person wrote.

“She seems so sweet,” wrote another. “I miss my grandma so much. Cherish her.”

Making the Most of Your Moments

Having a special bond with a grandparent (or really any other family member or chosen family member) is something worth celebrating.

If you’re lucky enough to still have someone like that in your life, this story reminds us all to cherish and make the most of it while we still have it.

Time isn’t promised, but you can promise yourself to make the most of the time you do have. Make the call. Plan the get-together. Send the note you’ve been meaning to send.

At the end of the day, you’ll never regret the memories you made, but you will regret not making more of an effort while you still could.

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