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Woman Reveals the Truth About Her Stepfather in a Fathers Day Card - But That Wasnt All, She Had More Planned
Woman Surprises Stepfather With Porsche He Gave Up Years Ago to Marry Her Mom
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Woman Reveals the Truth About Her Stepfather in a Fathers Day Card - But That Wasnt All, She Had More Planned

Kristin Russell wanted to show her stepfather how much he meant to her.

Family isn’t always the people you’re related to by blood. Sometimes it’s the bonds you choose to create with people that become the most meaningful relationships in your life. In turn, those people become family instead.

That was the case for Kristin Russell when a man named Dave became her stepfather. At the time, he sacrificed something he loved for something even better: a new family.

Giving Up a Car for a Family

man sitting in a white car

Years ago, Dave owned a white 1973 Porsche 914 that he loved. He was saving to fix the car up, but then he met Kristin’s mom. When they decided to get married, he put the car money into a wedding instead and stored the car. Eventually, they sold off parts, and the car was gone.

"My first memories of him are playing Barbies with me and reading to me."

Kristin Russell

Growing up, Kristin recalled that sacrifice, but more than that she recalled the man who spent so much time with her and cared for her like a father would. She wanted to pay him back, so she set a plan in motion: she was going to get him back his car.

“Backstory: my stepdad is awesome,” Kristin wrote in a YouTube video documenting her mission. “My first memories of him are playing Barbies with me and reading to me. He coached every softball team I was on and came to every Karate tournament,” she continued. “He never had to do any of that.”

Getting the Car Back

Obviously getting back the same car was impossible, but with some help, Kristin finally managed to track the same make and model down in Arizona. She lived in California, so she trekked 700 miles to purchase the car with her savings from her job as a captain in the Air Force.

“I saved up some money from my deployment and have been trying to figure out for a few years how to deliver back to him the same car,” she explained in her post. “In the end, I just waited until I found an identical one in great condition and went to get it. I'm just happy I could do something nice for a guy who has always done absolutely anything he could for me.”

After buying the car, Kristin had to get it shipped back to California, where a mechanic worked magic and got it up and running. Then it was time to put the ultimate surprise in motion.

An Unexpected Gift

In the video, Kristin gives Dave a Father’s Day card thanking him for all of his sacrifices and for everything he’s been to her over the years. It’s a sweet moment that brings tears to your eyes, but it’s nothing compared to what happens next.

At that point, someone drives the car into the driveway and revs the engine. Kristin asks Dave if he hears that and the pair head outside. Immediately Dave is giddy at the sight of the Porsche, but he has no idea yet that it’s for him.

“Whose is it?” he finally asks as his family and friends stand by filming on their phones.

“It’s yours,” Kristin replies, to Dave’s downright joy. Then the pair get in the car and go for a spin. “Thank you for everything, Dave,” Kristin ends the video. “Like you always say, go have fun!”

Making the Sacrifice

This story is so sweet because it just goes to show you that sacrifice can be important and worthwhile, like in the case of Dave giving up his beloved vehicle for something even better: a daughter and wife.

It’s a nice reminder that sometimes when we’re sacrificing something that means a lot to us, whether it’s an item we love, a situation we were hoping for, or even our time, there are sacrifices worth making. Rather than dwell on what was lost, focus on all of the good that sacrifice has brought to your life.

In the end, those new things may matter more. And who knows — maybe one day you too will have a chance to revisit a moment in your life that you thought was gone for good.

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