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Youngest NFL Player JuJu Smith Becomes Santa For Hundreds of Pittsburgh Kids
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Youngest NFL Player JuJu Smith Becomes Santa For Hundreds of Pittsburgh Kids

At barely 21 years old, JuJu Smith may be the youngest player in the NFL right now, but the Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver is already making headlines. The California-born rookie recently made it into the NFL’s records as the youngest player to score a touchdown since 1964 and the youngest player to catch a touchdown pass since 1930.

I’ve been in a situation where I lost everything, so I know how it feels to be without. It’s not only to help these kids and their families, but to give them hope.

- Juju Smith-Shuster

But it not just JuJu’s athletic performance on the field that paints him as a promising future sports giant.

Off the field, John Sherman “JuJu” Smith-Schuster is also making headlines – but it’s not tabloid scandals that have garnered him thousands of #TeamJuJu fans. The Long Beach native is known for his sunny disposition, zest for life, and for his community outreach and charity.

Dubbed JuJu Claus by some, Smith-Schuster recently held an advanced screening of Jumanji for almost 200 children in his team’s hometown of Pittsburgh.

The screening was held for children from nonprofit organizations such as United Way, Beyond Type 1, Bike Pittsburgh, and Boys and Girls Clubs of Western Pennsylvania. The kids not only got to meet the football star, but also watched the movie with him, with free popcorn and drinks included.

Just a day later, JuJu made an appearance at the Mall at Robinson, meeting with fans young and old. Wearing a fashionable custom Santa suit, the NFL rookie met with kids from the Homeless Children’s Education Fund, taking pictures and spreading holiday cheer with books and autographed photos. Smith-Shuster also took photographs with fans, with all proceeds going towards the Homeless Children’s Education Fund.

He was joined by his mother Sammy, with puppy Boujee joining in on the holiday spirit as well. Haven't met Boujee yet? Well then, here's a little Christmas treat for you:

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