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88 Cute Nicknames for Your Boyfriend - And What They Mean
boyfriend nicknames

88 Cute Nicknames for Your Boyfriend - And What They Mean

From sweet to sexy and everything in between, here are the top pet names to try on your boyfriend.

Nicknames have long been used as terms of endearment toward the people who hold special places in our lives. For example, maybe your parents have a nickname that's stuck with you since childhood – something that spoke to your personality or affinities at that time. Or, your grade school friends might call you something for short, an inside joke that only makes sense to the both of you.

Many nicknames are given to us early on in our lives, but cute nicknames for boyfriends are unique in that they can be issued at any point in a relationship. For example, you may have a pet name you give to your boyfriend early on in dating.

Eventually, you end up calling your boyfriend by that name instead of his real one for so long that it becomes second nature.

If you've clicked on this article, you're likely looking for some inspiration on sweet nicknames for your boyfriend. Here's a look at how to choose adorable nicknames for your boyfriend and some affectionate pet names to consider if you're looking for inspiration.

What Do You Call Your Partner?

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Deciding what to call your boyfriend can be a process that may take a while to develop and feel comfortable with. While there are less personal pet names you can opt for, some of the more memorable nicknames for boyfriends come after you've taken the time to get to know one another. Some fun nicknames might be more obvious – for example, a nickname you give your boyfriend based on your first impression of him.

Nicknames for boyfriends can inevitably take on deeper meaning as the relationship progresses. Some pet names stand as a testament to the longevity of your relationship and become more of a fun call back to a certain point and time in your relationship history.

Other affectionate nicknames get utilized when your boyfriend performs a sweet gesture or goes out of his way to show you that he cares.

Now that you know the importance of pet names, here are a few categories to explore in order to find the right nicknames for your boyfriend.

Pet Names You Can Call Your Boyfriend

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This all-purpose list of cute nicknames is a great place to start for new couples or those in relationships who want to change their current pet name roster.

-Babe/baby. A classic, this pet name is a great starting place to test the waters with your boyfriend as far as cute nicknames go.

-Handsome. There's not a guy out there who doesn't like to be complimented.

-Good looking. Same deal here – sometimes you just need to state the obvious.

-Captain. Use this when he takes charge of date night plans.

-Hot stuff. When he's looking extra good.

-Sweetheart. Nice guys deserve sweet pet names.

-P.I.C. For when he's acting as your partner in crime.

-Bestie. When he's not only being a solid boyfriend but a great friend who shows platonic love too.


-My hero. For when he saves the day.

Flirty Nicknames for Boyfriends

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Ready to spice things up? These flirty pet names for boyfriends are sure to do the trick. These nicknames for boyfriends are meant to make your partner feel strong and desirable, so use them when you're in the mood to take things to the next level.


-Sexy beast

-Hot pants




-Sweet cheeks


-Beef cake





-Iron man



-Perfect 10



-Eye candy

Cute Nicknames to Make Your Boyfriend Smile

young couple flirting outside smiling

Looking for something extra sweet to call your sweetheart? These affectionate nicknames will do the trick. Here are some adorable nicknames to call your boyfriend that are sure to make him smile.

-Lover boy

-Cutie pie

-Honey bun

-Tater tot


-Love bug

-Sweet pea

-Sugar pie


-Cake pop


-Pooh bear


Nicknames for Boyfriends Who Love to Cuddle

Happy couple cuddling in bed

Is your boyfriend a good cuddler? Does he make the best big spoon? These sweet nicknames for boyfriends are a tribute to the guys who love to cuddle – and are excellent at it. To cuddle aficionados – may we know them, may we cuddle with them.


-Cuddle monster


-Love bear




-Papa Bear



Unique Nicknames for Boyfriends

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Sometimes, the best nicknames for boyfriends are the ones that the two of you make up together. These may be based on inside jokes and personal to you, or something that came out of important questions to ask your boyfriend. Here are just a few examples of unique nicknames to call your boyfriend.

-My lobster

-Mr. Big


-My precious






-Hot potato

Actual Pet Names for Boyfriends


Does your boyfriend remind you of a certain animal? Finding a pet name to call him just got easier. Here are some pet names derived from actual animals that can be sweet names to call your sweetheart.



-Big bear









loving mature couple

Does your boyfriend look good enough to eat? Is he sweet as sugar? Or maybe he's extra spicy. Here are a few mouthwatering nicknames for boyfriends that your significant other is sure to eat up.




-Jelly belly

-Chicken nugget


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Giving your boyfriend a cute nickname helps foster the connection between the two of you. It shows that you care about him and are fond of him. Keeping the spark alive in your relationship takes work, but one way to do so that's sure to get a smile out of your significant other is to be called a nickname that means something to both of you – one that's become part of the regularly used vocabulary in your relationship between the both of you.

Show your partner that you love him by choosing a fun pet name for him, and he just might do the same.


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