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Childhood Sweethearts Got Engaged After Spending More Than 13 Years Apart
Childhood Sweethearts
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Childhood Sweethearts Got Engaged After Spending More Than 13 Years Apart

Beth Fenwick and Steven Lyons met at the age of 11 years old but little did they know that they would end up getting married more than 13 years later.

Puppy love is often seen as sweet and cute, but it usually does not last forever. These very early crushes at school usually don't translate to the lifelong relationships but they are rarely forgotten.

Yet, sometimes, childhood crushes can come back into your life in the most unexpected ways. This was the case of Beth Fenwick and Steven Lyons from Sommerset, who first started dating when they met at the age of 11 in secondary school.

Many years later, they found their way back to each other and fell in love all over again.

She wrote about him in her journal

Back in 2009 was the beginning of Beth and Steven's love story. Although they probably believed in enduring love, like most children do, they never expected that their future selves would reconnect down the road.

Beth even found some diary entries that she wrote at the time, talking about her relationship with Steven.

"I recently found some diary extracts from 2009 where I have explained how I was in a relationship with Steven, which are really funny to look back on," she told Daily Mail.

This is what the adorable journal entry said:

I suppose I should tell you that I am going out with Steven. We started going out a few weeks ago. The same week he bought me pink roses! He is the first boy to ever buy me flowers.

Beth Fenwick to Daily Mail

But at the time, it was not meant to be. After school was over, Steven, who works in IT, moved to Australia. Both went on to date other people, as life took its course.

Years later though, the two reconnected on Facebook.

 They fell in love...again

Beth was first to find Steve on Facebook. "I initiated a conversation after I noticed he'd gone traveling which is something I'd always wanted to do."

But what really brought them together was Beth's health scare. She had found a growth and at the time, was nervously awaiting the results. As it turned out, it was only a benign tumor.

Steven was so supportive and stayed up at all hours to talk to me despite the vast time difference. I didn't expect anything to come from it, but we quickly became inseparable and we began talking every single day.

Beth Fenwick to Daily Mail

That challenging period strengthened their connection but what Steven would do next convinced Beth that it was the real deal.

Steven was due to continue his travels to Japan but he came back to our hometown instead. My tumor was benign, but it gave me a real push to not hold back in life as anything can happen.

Beth Fenwick

Steven proposed during that visit in August 2019, and they are now planning their wedding for 2021.

Steven always knew he wanted to be with Beth

What makes their story even more touching is that, for Steven, it was love at first sight. Yes, he had always hoped they’d ultimately end up together.

I had my heart set on Beth the first moment I saw her.

Steven Lyons to Daily Mail

"It's not often that you hear about people marrying those they went to school which makes us feel even luckier to have found each other again," he admitted.

Their loved ones could not be happier. "Our families think it's really cute too as we've known each other practically our whole lives," Beth said.

Love can always surprise you

"I never imagined things would progress into this," Steven revealed. While they had initially planned on marrying in 2020, the ongoing pandemic put a dent in their plans. Instead, they'll be tying the knot next year.

Beth too cannot seem to believe her own story.

I'd always wanted a fairytale ending but I didn't think it would ever happen to me.

Beth Fenwick

Steven and Beth prove that love can and will always surprise you when you least suspect it. So even if you might have given up on finding the right person, it's worth keeping yourself open to the possibility of being surprised. You never know.

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