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Chris Hemsworth Revealed Why He Almost Quit as Marvel's Thor - And the One Thing That Stopped Him
Bored Chris Hemsworth as Thor standing before Love and Thunder BTS with Taika Waititi

Chris Hemsworth Revealed Why He Almost Quit as Marvel's Thor - And the One Thing That Stopped Him

Chris Hemsworth's Thor has been a fan favorite in the MCU, but he almost left the role altogether. And then Taika Waititi appeared.

As the first Marvel character to headline four solo movies, Chris Hemsworth’s Thor is one of the most beloved members of the MCU. As the God of Thunder, he is often regarded as one of the most powerful avengers, rivalled only by Elizabeth Olsen's Scarlet Witch, Brie Larson's Captain Marvel and his frenemy, Mark Ruffalo's Hulk.

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Thor has been around from the very beginning, holding a position as a member of the original six avengers that set the foundation for what the MCU is today. Fans have followed his journey for over a decade, watching him evolve from the glory-chasing prince of Asgard, to the founder of the Revengers, to an honorary member of the Guardians of the Galaxy in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder.

And yet, Hemsworth almost missed out on all of that because, quite frankly, he was bored, and almost walked away from Marvel forever.

Why Chris Hemsworth Grew "Bored" Playing Thor

Chris Hemsworth as Thor

With Thor's ever more endearing sense of humor, charming good looks, and unwavering heart of gold, it is easy to understand why fans fell in love with him. Hemsworth shares the fans’ passion for Thor, stating that he’ll play the Asgardian God for as long as he’s given the opportunity.

But he hasn’t always felt this way. After Thor's second solo film, Thor: The Dark World, was met with a lacklustre response from fans and critics alike, Hemsworth's passion for the role began to wane. In fact, he admitted to being "bored" playing Thor, feeling disappointed in his own portrayal of the hammer-wielding avenger.

Throw that feeling in with the immense pressure actors have playing a superhero, and it's no wonder Hemsworth was ready to hang up Mjölnir (his magic hammer) for good.

So what changed for the Aussie actor?

How Taika Waititi and Chris Hemsworth Joined Forces to Save Thor

Thor Director Taika Waititi

Enter Taika Waititi: a creative force with the drive to rescue Thor from the dreary backdrop of Thor: The Dark World and deliver him into the fun-filled adventure that is Thor: Ragnorak.

Waititi's passion for Thor's universe is clear, and his innovative style of directing brought new life to the characters within it. The adventure we witness in Ragnorak is full of bright colors, zany new heroes, and hilarious dialogue. Waititi even lent his voice to the beloved rock-like warrior Korg, delivering some of the best one-liners in the MCU.

But as magical as the world Waititi created may be, it would still fall flat without a compelling rendition of Thor to tie it all together. When Waititi signed on to direct Ragnorak, he shared Hemsworth's feelings of boredom in regards to Thor's character.

Together, they decided that they simply wouldn't let themselves be bored anymore: any time either of them felt bored on set, they decided to take whatever scene they were filming in a new direction. This allowed for more freedom in their work, and let Hemsworth's natural sense of humor shine through Thor.

Just like their onscreen counterparts Korg and Thor, Waititi and Hemsworth share a "natural sense of banter" that is fun for audiences to witness. Clearly, their creative strategy and natural chemistry helped the two to create magic together: Ragnarok easily became the highest-grossing movie of the Thor franchise.

Infused with enchanting characters, an action-packed plot, and moments of comedic gold, it's easy to see why the film is also regarded as a fan-favorite within the MCU, and even modern action movies as a whole.

Chris Hemsworth Proved Even Superheroes Need a Team

Quicksilver, Black Widow and Captain America in Avengers: Age of Ultron

Waititi and Hemsworth's triumphant collaboration reminds us of the importance of teamwork, and the strength we can find in others. Sometimes, all you really need is a fresh perspective to reignite your passion for a project. Waititi's liberating style of directing gave Hemsworth the space to truly express himself, and bring more of his natural charisma to Thor, infusing the Asgardian God with a new sense of life.

Waititi and Hemsworth's creative passion comes forward again in the latest Thor instalment, Thor: Love and Thunder. Thor will join forces with familiar faces like the Guardians of the Galaxy, Valkyrie, and ex-girlfriend Jane Foster, to face a terrifying new threat: Gorr the God Butcher, portrayed by Christian Bale. Waititi and Hemsworth's vision shines through even in the trailer, promising another fun-filled, cosmic journey.

As we follow the dynamic duo into another hilarious adventure, we're sure to see even more evidence of how powerful the right partnership can be. While the jury might still be out on who Thor's best on-screen ally is, it's clear that behind the scenes, Waititi is Hemsworth's secret weapon.


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