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Young Boy Breaks His Bicycle —So Two Kind Police Officers Do Everything They Can to Make Sure the Kid Has a Way to Get to School
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Young Boy Breaks His Bicycle —So Two Kind Police Officers Do Everything They Can to Make Sure the Kid Has a Way to Get to School

Two Texas police officers fix a kid's broken bicycle chain and come back with a big surprise for him in a few hours.

Skateboards, roller skates, tricycles, and bicycles are some of our main means of transportation before we get our driver's licenses. For most of us, they are probably the cost-effective, healthy transport options without having to get a driver's license.

And imagine if our favorite bicycle breaks midway while we are cheerfully riding it to a friend's house, to school, or to get groceries. Imagine if we were a kid. Devastating.

Unlike the broken helpless situation we just imagined, this Texas kid had local cops come to his rescue.

The Broken Chain Ordeal

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Daniel, a young teen, was pushing his broken bike as he walked along the sidewalk. His bicycle appeared to have had a broken chain situation when we has returning home from school. Two police officers of the Selma Police Department saw this young man in his unfortunate afternoon ordeal.

Chief Padula and Cpl. Ludy stopped their police car and had a small chat with him. Impressed by this kind young kid's demeanor and politeness, they decided to help him fix the broken chain.

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They spent a solid time trying to detangle the chain and hinge it right. The officers also noticed that the bike "had seen better days," and was not in top condition.

With quick temporary fixes, they saw Daniel ride it off to his house. The officers couldn't leave it at that. They were in awe of Daniel because he was polite, articulate, respectful, and kind throughout the encounter. The officers found him to be "a pleasure to chat with".

Chain of Events

The pleasant chat with Daniel revealed that he usually rides his bike everywhere, especially to commute to school. So they together decided to treat a kind polite sincere kid with something more than a temporarily fixed old used bike.

The two officers, Chief Padula and Cpl. Ludy surprised Daniel with a brand-new bike. When the officers knocked on his door, he and his parents were confused. The officers begin the conversation by thanking the kind kid for the good chat they had that day.

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The cops slowly reveal that they had a surprise for him and that they replaced his bike. This good news made him smile wide, and the kid beamed with joy. They walk him to the car to unload the bike.

Playfully, one of the officers asks Daniel, whether it would be okay if the bike was all pink. Daniel was so happy that he did not pay attention to this question. The officers then revealed the bike that was not pink at all. Even before they ask him whether he liked the bike, Daniel is seen climbing it and adjusting to it.

Off he went with his new bike with tough wheels, and a firm grip, smiling all the way. The officers were elated to see the kid be this happy with the surprise, and to "spread joy to the citizens".

Public service at its finest!


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