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Couple Hears Someone Knock on Their Door Late at Night - The Guest Wasnt Who They Were Expecting
Couple Help Elderly Woman With Alzheimer’s After She Knocked on Their Door at Night
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Couple Hears Someone Knock on Their Door Late at Night - The Guest Wasnt Who They Were Expecting

The Johnsons were glad they decided to answer the door that night.

Never underestimate the power of community. A strong community exemplifies kindness and togetherness; its members understand the power of sticking together and helping one another out in our times of need.

Neighbors in a Florida community showcased that power of community one night when they answered a late-night knock at their door and discovered a woman in trouble.

An Unexpected Visitor

an elderly woman
YouTube/Local 10 News

Esther and Joel Johnson were winding down from their respective days in their Florida home one night when they heard a knock at their door.

It was around 10:30 p.m., so they weren’t expecting anyone and didn’t want to answer. However, after a little reflection, they decided to take their dog out and see what was happening.

Outside, they spotted something unexpected: a 94-year-old woman without any shoes on. She was crawling on the ground and was in clear need of help.

“Every time she tried to stand up, she’d fall back down,” Esther told Local 10 News. Esther and Joel asked the woman her name and learned she was Sixta Andinom. They tried to help her find her home, but Andinom didn’t seem to know where she was, so the couple called 911.

Missing Since That Morning

When Esther spoke with the operator, she discovered that her neighbor had been missing since that morning. Her son had reported her disappearance, and the family was concerned because Andinom has Alzheimer’s.

“We gave the operator the name, and the operator ran it, and that’s when we were able to determine she was a missing person since 10:30 that morning,” Esther explained.

Thankfully, responders were able to reunite Andinom with her son. The next day the outlet returned to the home to see how Andinom was doing, but she had stepped out again. Another neighbor helped her, and the police were called. That’s when the outlet learned that Andinom’s two sons usually take turns caring for their mother, but one brother was out of town, and things had been extra stressful.

Needless to say, the son was thankful that so many neighbors in the community had stepped up to help him care for his mother, especially since he had been at work both times she left the house.

Stepping Up When You Can

For their part, Joel and Esther were just doing what they could and trying to be good neighbors. They were happy that they were able to help this woman get back home and, hopefully, now receive the care she needs.

“I may get to that point one day, and I just hope someone will treat me with kindness as well,” Esther said.

“To be honest, it’s second nature. You see someone in need, you want to help,” Joel added.

It’s a beautiful reminder that we can all watch out for one another in our own neighborhoods, whether we live in a condo, an apartment complex, or a street lined with trees. When everyone looks out for everyone else, we feel safer, secure, and as though we belong.

That could mean cutting the grass for a neighbor or picking up their mail. Or it could mean letting someone's dog outside when they have to work late. Perhaps it's grabbing a hungry neighbor some dinner the next time you run out for a bite. Or it could be something simple, like waving hello or introducing yourself to the new person on the block.

However you contribute to your neighborhood, you’re an important part of your community. Besides, as Esther said, we never know when we may need help in return. So helping others doesn’t just feel good and right; it may also be good karma down the line.  

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