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15 New Skills to Learn for Under $15 Each Thanks to These Cyber Monday Deals
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15 New Skills to Learn for Under $15 Each Thanks to These Cyber Monday Deals

Sure, you can spend Cyber Monday collecting new technology and gadgets -- and you can bet we will be searching for ourselves and for gifts for loved ones.


But the best gift you can give yourself is the gift of a new skill. Now that the weather is cooling off and we're spending more time inside, it's the perfect time to buckle down and finally commit to learning that language or skill.

Note: Getting a head start on holiday shopping this week? Probably a smart idea. Check out our Inspiring and Silly White Elephant Gifts or our Productivity Gifts That Will Make Anyone’s Life Easier. You can also check our 10 Cyber Monday Deals That Will Increase Your Productivity Tenfold.

Mondly Language Subscription


Most of us took language classes in school, but how much of those classes do we actually remember? Take a refresher with Mondly, which uses state-of-the-art speech recognition and only gives positive feedback if you speak clearly and correctly.  You can choose 1 of 33 languages to learn in your own native tongue, memorize core words, form sentences & take part in conversations, and enhance your education w/ a dictionary, verb conjugator and speech recognition technology. Plus, it’s fun! You can practice the language Interacting w/ animals, objects and more via MondlyAR.

>> Get it for $12.00 with promo code "CMSAVE40"

Become A Speed Reader Course


This is so cool, if you have a lot of reading you need to do at work, you can learn from a professional speed reader how to read faster. You'll learn how to pick the right books for success, how to comprehend them at an incredible rate, and apply their lessons to your life. You can access 67 lectures & 3.5 hours of content 24/7 and understand why everything you learned in school stops you from reading more than 20 books per year. There’s even a trick  to learn that can instantly double your reading speed!

>> Get it for $15.00 with promo code "CMSAVE40"

Hollywood Art Institute Photography Course


Photography is more than taking pretty photos. The Hollywood Art Institute Photography Course includes 22 lesson, including how to profit off of your photography, or simply capture your memories in the manner they deserve and will allow you to study various photography techniques with videos, video tutorials, articles, ebooks, a pro article database, flashcards and quizzes.

>> Get it for $11.40 with promo code "CMSAVE40"

Copywriting Mastery Bundle


If you dream of being a writer, this bundle of lessons will teach you everything you need to know to launch a career as a freelance writer, from copywriting, to basic creative writing skills, to how to learn to turn your love of writing into a business.

>> Get it for $4.50 with promo code "CMBUNDLE75"

The Complete Learn to Code Bundle


Coding is the future, and this bundle (12 courses in all!) includes all the essential coding instruction, from web development to PHP OOP & PDO, Python, HTML, Javascript, and so much more.

>> Get it for $13.50 with promo code "CMBUNDLE75"

The Podcasting 101 Bundle

Launch a podcast and grow your audience with 35+ hours of expert insight on recording, voice acting with 10 courses in everything from professional online TV Presenter Training, StoryTelling Masterclass, How To Record Voice Like A Pro, and so much more.

>> Get it for $7.25 with promo code "CMBUNDLE75"

The Fundamentals of Drawing


You may not have time or money to enrol in art school, but these courses, taught by legitimate art school professionals, will get you the same result. Learn the art and science of drawing, how to draw heads and shapes and shade,  figure drawing, drawing animals, and so much more.

>> Get it for $9.75 with promo code "CMBUNDLE75"

The Complete Adobe CC Training Bundle


It’s essential to know apps like Adobe and InDesign to be at the top of many fields. This bundle is a huge value, and includes more than a half dozen of the most important products out there for advancing in your profession, from Photoshop to Illustrator to InDesign and Flash and so much more. This is essential for the creative in your life!

>> Get it for $6.25 with promo code "CMBUNDLE75"

Digital Marketing Course


Social media is not just Instagramming your dinner, it’s serious business! Delve into the worked of digital marketing and learn about  SEO, Facebook, YouTube, Copywriting, Google Analytics, AdWords, & more via 169 lectures and 19.5 hours of content. You’ll learn to Create your own WordPress website & get email subscribers fast, as well as write copy that sells and increases search engine traffic. Learn social media marketing techniques for YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

>> Get it for $11.40 with promo code "CMSAVE40"

The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords


Learning how to optimize your Google AdWords campaign can help you get tons more potential buyers of your product or service. This is a great learning tool to give you all the skills you need, and have more high-quality traffic to your website.

>> Get it for $7.80 with promo code "CMSAVE40"

Project Management Course


Being able to handle project management will serve you in your career in endless ways, and this 9-course 102-hour bundle will teach you risk management skills, information technology infrastructure library service operation and so much more you need to know to be a project management professional.

>> Get it for $12.25 with promo code "CMBUNDLE75"



ianoforall offers step-by-step instruction into learning to play ballad-style, blues, jazz, ragtime, and improvisation and even create your own melodies.  There’s 204 lectures, and you’ll also learn how to read music and play by ear, dive  into chords, inversions and more music concepts.

>> Get it for $6.60 with promo code "CMSAVE40"

The Complete UI/UX Bundle


Being able to build amazing apps is a game changer in this age, and this bundle includes UX Design, animations, transformations, 3D designs, Adobe Photoshop, App Design, Mobile App Design, and so much more.

>> Get it for $7.25 with promo code "CMBUNDLE75"

Crazy About Arduino Bundle


We love to play games, why not learn to make them? This is your step by step guide to making your own electronics, robots,  web-based data logger, exploring connecting sensors, creating database servers, and linking your device to them with a Web API.

>> Get it for $7.50 with promo code "CMBUNDLE75"

The Ultimate Excel Bootcamp


Excel isn’t easy at first, but it’s a great way to be on top of data, and this bootcamp will get you there. There’s four courses (over 70 hours of instruction!) for the business-minded. Includes lessons in Microsoft Excel, Business Analysis, PivotTable, and Advanced Excel instruction!

>> Get it for $9.75 with promo code "CMBUNDLE75"


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