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Right Image: Two barbership owners cross armed | Right Image: Man chases girl down street

Two Barbershop Owners Chase Lost Girl Down The Street

Courtesy Rafael Santana / @obthebarber
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Barbers Notice Little Girl Running Alone - Chase After Her for This Reason

"As the shop and building owner, I have a responsibility to this corner of the street."

At the Look Sharp Barbershop, Rafael Santana and Osvaldo Lugo were known for their precision haircuts, but one afternoon, they had to use their quick reflexes for a whole different kind of emergency.

A flash of pink passed by the window, and suddenly the barbers were racing out the door, scissors abandoned, to save a life.

They Sprung Into "Dad Mode"

Rafael Santana and Osvaldo Lugo were working through a typical afternoon at the Look Sharp Barbershop when the ordinary suddenly turned urgent.

Santana, a father of four, glimpsed a blur of pink racing down the sidewalk. Instantly, he knew something was wrong. When he saw the little girl running alone and heading towards a busy intersection, he shouted to Lugo, and both barbers dropped their clippers and sprinted out the door. As the pair chased after the girl, it felt like time was stretching out.

"I kept thinking to myself, 'You better get to her on time.'"

Osvaldo Lugo

Despite the potential danger, the barbers' fatherly instincts kicked in, propelling them forward in this heart pounding race. Lugo's surveillance camera recorded the entire dramatic chase, capturing the urgency and determination in every step.

In the video, you can see Santana and Lugo swiftly closing the distance between themselves and the child, with seconds to spare. Fortunately, they managed to intercept her just before she reached the crosswalk. It was a close call, but their quick reflexes and courageous actions made all the difference. Take a look for yourself.

Watch Osvaldo Lugo's Video:

Then The Police Department Stepped In...To Thank Them!

Two men holding certificatesTwo men holding certificates

After Rafael Santana and Osvaldo Lugo's courageous act saved a child from running into traffic, the impact of their quick-thinking reverberated throughout East Hartford. The local police department didn't waste time acknowledging the bravery of these two barbers. Within hours, the East Hartford Police Department posted a heartfelt message on their official Facebook page, publicly commending Santana and Lugo for their swift action and calling them heroes.

The post, which quickly garnered attention from the community, praised the barbers for their decisive response in a critical moment. "Heroic Barbers to the Rescue!" the post began, highlighting the quick-thinking actions of Santana and Lugo that prevented what could have been a devastating incident. The police department made it clear that the actions of these two men had not only saved a child's life but also demonstrated the power of everyday heroes in the community.

But the recognition didn't stop there. The police department took an extra step by awarding both Santana and Lugo with hero certificates, an honor typically reserved for citizens who go above and beyond to keep their community safe. This public show of appreciation not only demonstrated the significance of their actions but also reminded others the importance of staying vigilant and looking out for one another.

Despite the recognition, Santana and Lugo remained humble. "We did this out of love, and we'd do it a million times again," Santana said. "We protect and serve our community at all costs."

Not All Heroes Wear Capes — But Sometimes They Have A Pretty Sick Fade

Not all heroes wear capes, but sometimes they have clippers and a fresh fade.

Rafael Santana and Osvaldo Lugo might be known for their styling skills, but now they're also known for their swift actions and heroism. The certificates hanging in their barbershop serve as a reminder that heroes are all around us, and sometimes, the people you trust with your hair might be the same ones who could save your life.

"We're just dads with lucky timing," Lugo said, emphasizing that their heroic act was instinctual. Santana agreed, saying that being a father makes you alert to the world around you.

As the barbers returned to their chairs, they knew they'd done more than just save a haircut that day — they'd saved a life. The barbershop's regulars now have a story to tell, and it's not just about a great cut. It's about two barbers who became heroes when it mattered most.

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