Michael Bridges, a North Carolina dad with an MBA, is laid off like millions of other people everyday. But what he does next may alter the fate of his entire family.

Michael Bridges, 28, lost his job in June, but when the Charlotte father got laid off, he took a unique approach to finding a new job. “Unfortunately, this is my second time being laid off,” he admitted, “so I’ve been in this situation before.”

Some might say the measures he took were “extreme,” but in a world where getting attention is everything, Bridges’ approach certainly turned heads, and definitely achieved the intended result!

Why a Desperate North Carolina Father ‘Applied’ for a Job – in Traffic

Bridges spent hours each day applying to jobs and interviewing for many of them without success. He said his wife works, but that the cost of living in Charlotte has been on the rise, just like everywhere else. With one income no longer being enough, the couple was struggling, even having to pick and choose which bills to pay. Bridges said they were at risk of losing their home to foreclosure.

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Bridges felt his back was against the ropes. He had to get creative to make sure he could give a better life to his children. So, when the traditional job search route didn’t work, he took to the street. Literally.

The North Carolina dad started in uptown Charlotte, but got results on his second day when he stood at a busy intersection in Ballantyne with a sign and a pile of resumes. The sign read: “Laid off! Need a job. Take a resume. BA and MBA.”

He passed out 50 resumes, and his story began gaining traction online. Now he is getting support from all across the world. “I have 100 missed emails,” Bridges said.

What Michael Bridges’ Out-of-the-Box Employment Strategy Reveals About Risk

People from all over North America started contacting Bridges with words of encouragement. Some were folks who had lost their jobs cited Michael as an inspiration. One person in Sweden even offered him a job.

Bridges says he is grateful and wants to share some advice with job seekers.

Just as long as you remain humble and hungry, your determination will see it all. I had a lot of determination so that’s why I stood out there and I put my pride to the side.

Michael Bridges to WBTV

Bridges says he’s consulting with his wife before he chooses which job offer to accept, an incredible turn of fate for someone who was just recently jobless and struggling. This story illustrates beautifully that creativity and courage can overpower all odds.

Never say never.


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