The small act of kindness had an incredible impact.

Tipping culture can be a controversial topic in some circles, but here we look at it as an opportunity for a small act of kindness that can change somebody’s day, week, or year.

Why One Customer Gave a Struggling IHop Waitress a Generous Tip

Rita Williams and her mother were eating breakfast together at IHop. Even though they had a lot to talk about and were enjoying quality time together, they couldn’t help but notice how hard their server was working.

She was juggling a very busy section all while keeping her composure, maintaining an incredibly high level of professionalism, and radiating positivity and kindness.

Rita knew immediately she wanted to recognize the waitress’ amazing efforts, so she decided to leave a generous tip. The waitress, Jazmine Castillo, was in for a surprise. 

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When the meal was done, Rita handed Jazmine a $20 — a very generous tip on top of a $30 bill. Jazmine was floored. Then, Rita handed her another $20!

“I gave her the $20, and she was like, ‘Are you serious?’ I handed her another $20, and she goes ‘No, really?’” Rita said.

Jazmine graciously accepted the money and thanked Rita for her generosity. She told Rita that her family had been facing difficulties lately, and the extra cash would really help her out. She was about to quit her job because she could no longer afford Uber to get to work or childcare for her daughter

“I had a couple of bills overdue. My mom is sick, she just got out of the hospital on Thanksgiving Day. Her medicine and hospital bills — I can finally help with that. It’s hard,” Jazmine said.

How One Woman’s Simple Act of Kindness Snowballed

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Photo by Beyza Erdgdu

Rita was touched by Jazmine’s story and decided to take things even further. She asked for her CashApp information and sent the waitress $500.

Then, she wrote a post on Facebook sharing Jazmine’s story and CashApp information, encouraging her friends and family to help out. Within a few minutes of the post going live, Jazmine’s CashApp blew up!

“I was bathing my baby, and I started hearing my phone go off. I don’t usually get CashApp, so I didn’t recognize the ring tone, and it just got crazier and crazier and it didn’t stop from there. It didn’t stop and it hasn’t stopped,” she said.

The money kept on coming, and soon Jazmine had $10,000! The story continued to go viral and others started giving out generous tips at IHop and at other restaurants across the country. 

Rita’s small act of kindness inspired an entire movement and changed Jazmine’s life. She was about to quit her job and was facing a very difficult future. Thanks to her own positive attitude and Rita’s open heart, her life was changed forever!


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