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How Daily Writing Shapes the Whole Plot of Your Life

How Daily Writing Shapes the Whole Plot of Your Life

If only some of us who love to write daily could take some time, sit back and evaluate our lives, we would be surprised to see the tremendous improvements we have made.

Writing daily shapes our lives. It acts as a mirror for us to see and express our inner-most self.

A close look at how writing daily can change your life will make you want to keep writing for as long as you are alive. Let’s take a look at how this happens.

How Daily Writing Shapes the Whole Plot of Your Life

Journal writing is a voyage to the interior.

- Christina Baldwin

Gives direction to your life

Our mind often wanders when we sit down to think or make a decision. With such diverse ideas flowing through us on a daily basis, it's a waste of our minds not to find a way to write things down.

When you write out your daily thoughts and ideas, you get to see the paths you need to follow that can shape your life for good. It singles out the idea or line of thought that is most relevant to you.

Once you are able to identify that one idea your life should revolve around, it becomes much easier for you to get to your proposed destination.

Helps you understand past and present events

By writing daily, you will get a better understanding of and insight into past events. You will develop a clearer understanding of how the past caused some emotional devastation, and become more mindful of what prompted the emotional uproar, as well as how to calm yourself down.

Research has shown that people tend to become more capable of overcoming traumas and difficulties if they can find meaning in it and identify what was responsible for it. This is the power of writing.

Lets you express yourself

Writing offers a genuine opportunity for you to express yourself. It gives you a voice, builds your confidence and allows you to get out whatever is on your mind at any point in time.

You will feel less troubled when you are given an opportunity to express yourself or share whatever is in your mind. The burden transfers from your mind to the paper. And with a clear mind, you can do things right and accomplish the impossible.

Helps keep you accountable

Writing daily offers you a unique opportunity to evaluate yourself. It makes you more responsible for your thoughts and actions and offers you something to reflect on daily.

Think about a mistake that you made last year that was written down. You got to learn from it, and become more careful in the future. 

By holding yourself to account, you will push yourself to take better decisions.

Nourishes your imagination

Writing daily broadens your imagination by letting you record your sources of inspiration. It gives you the opportunity to trace back every book, article, word, action and project that made an impact on you. You can then revisit your ideas with ease, and build on them daily.

It also lets you expand your creativity. The blank page is just like a blank check where you can write any amount you want. The sheet of paper has no limitations or boundaries, allowing you to pen down whatever comes to your mind.

Helps you build your knowledge bank

Writing daily gives you the opportunity to create a bank of knowledge that may serve as a guide for your day-to-day living. Every encounter and experience you have with other people can leave a trace on the page. 

Taking notes daily also helps you improve your productivity. In fact, people who write down better notes or ideas are the most productive people.

Rewrite your life

Writing gives you the power to take control of your life, and rewrite your future. Gaining a deeper understanding of yourself is the first step on the path to your goals. Writing can help you do that -- and become the author of your own life.

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