LinkedIn has become quite the social hub for entrepreneurs and professionals in the digital space.

With 467 million users (as of 2017), the platform is a thriving ecosystem filled with inspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, and thought leaders who are worth following –both for inspiration but also to acquire expert knowledge on virtually any topic imaginable.

What an incredible time to live in. Within a matter of seconds, you can connect with leaders, craft masters, and influencers who are making inspiring things happen as we speak.

Start with the five people below:

1. Bill Gates


Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is a personal favorite. But not for his involvement with Microsoft– sorry, Bill– but because of his philanthropic pursuits.

Interestingly enough, he’s given away so much of his wealth that he’s taken himself out of the running for world’s richest person. He’s using the incredible power and resources that his wealth has provided him with to make a difference.

From sharing career advice to insightful information related to his philanthropic pursuits, and just some downright smart and inspiring content, Gates is definitely someone you should keep up with.

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2. Gretchen Rubin


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Gretchen Rubin is the author of several books, including The Happiness Project, and speaks on topics ranging from happiness to habits. She actually posts quite a bit on LinkedIn, often publishing several new articles each week.

If you’re looking for great content that is smart and science-backed on topics such as well-being, productivity, and happiness, Rubin is definitely someone to follow.

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3. Gary Vaynerchuk


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Gary Vaynerchuk is one of my favorite people. He’s loud and opinionated, but he also cares a lot about anyone in their 20s trying to make something happen in their life, offering endless amazing advice to help.

Gary V. is one of the few people I follow across any social network, as he always manages to provide me with a ton of value. And that’s saying a lot considering how many influencers I’ve followed.

If you’re looking to make something happen with your life and don’t want to waste a minute sitting on your ass, Gary V. is the voice you need in the back of your head.

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4. Daniel Goleman


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Daniel Goleman is another personal favorite, partly because he combines his rich history of meditation and spiritual practice with a strong scientific background.

As a psychologist and the author of several books including the groundbreaking Emotional Intelligence, Goleman offers advice on things ranging from meditation and mindfulness practice to developing your EQ. Follow him to develop your character and grow as a person.

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5. Jill Schlesinger

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As CBS anchor, it’s Jill Schlesinger’s focus to make money and career-related topics simpler and easier to understand. Given the state of the job market and the shifts that are happening in the business industry, that alone is a good reason to follow her.

Her content is also always relevant, powerful, and all about offering actionable advice, and she has a wealth of knowledge on all things finance, career, and business.

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