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Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally Have a Few Things to Say About 20 Years of Marriage and We Should Listen
Megan Mullally Nick Offerman

Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally Have a Few Things to Say About 20 Years of Marriage and We Should Listen

From plays to podcasts and everything in between, one of Hollywood's most enduring and funny couples always have time to work together!

Can we just declare that Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman are without a doubt one of Hollywood’s busiest and most beloved married couples?

Having met when they starred in a production of the stage comedy The Berlin Circle in Los Angeles in 2000, they two began dating soon after the production closed. And it was in 2003, a short 18 months after their romance began, that the two married in 2003.

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For fans of the comically gifted performers, it felt like a loving and laugh-filled match made in heaven!

"We fell in love, and before long, we could just tell that we wanted to stay together and make a life together," Offerman declared during an  interview with the A.V. Club. "We wanted to declare to each other and our friends and family that we were in it to win it."

Megan & Nick Met While Doing a Play in Los Angeles

Megan and Nick both enjoyed successful runs on a pair of classic NBC sitcoms—she in the beloved Will & Grace; he in the equally adored Parks and Recreations—and they have since moved on to numerous others projects. And there’s no denying that meeting for the first time while working on a play together has set the couple on a path wherein their professional and personal lives regularly come together in all manner of creative collaborations.

This kind of “personal professionality” dates back to Offerman appearing alongside Mullally on a 2001 instalment of Will & Grace, a Thanksgiving-themed episode where his character of Nick the Plumber gets a chance to plant an affectionate kiss on Mullally’s Karen Walker. It was one of of two appearances Nick would make on his soon-to-be-wife’s series, and only the first of many where they share the spotlight together.

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It was Mullally’s later stints on Parks and Recreation that confirmed for everyone that the pair’s working relationship was a formidable one. As “Tammy 2,” the erotically charged second ex-wife of Offerman’s Ron Swanson, Mullally was embraced by the show’s producers and fans. Not surprisingly, Tammy 2 quickly evolved into a recurring character, appearing in eight subsequent episodes.

“Those particular roles required a lot of trust and vulnerability to go to horrifyingly deep places, especially with our tongues,” Offerman told People. “So I feel like we've graduated to a level where we can look at each other and jump off any cliff together."

"There is a nice sort of security working together, but I also feel like we're more relaxed," Mullally added.

Comedy Comes in All Forms for Nick & Megan

Along with guest-starring in each other's shows, Nick and Megan have also been in a slew of independent movies together over the past decade, including the drama Smashed, the rom-coms Speaking of Sex and Date and Switch and the comedies The Kings of Summer and Infinity Baby. And that’s before the couple returned to the stage for the bawdy live variety show Summer of 69: No Apostrophe, wherein they had a whole lot of fun talking about their sex lives! Well-received by their fans, the show toured the country for several summers and was later broadcast on Epix.

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The New York City theater was next when Megan and Nick brought their L.A. production of the two-person comedy-drama Annapurna to Manhattan for a successful seven-week off-Broadway engagement.

And then, of course, came the inevitable book: The Greatest Love Story Ever Told: An Oral History, a co-authored autobiographical odyssey presented in a series of intimate conversations that Megan and Nick had while in bed together. It’s no surprise here that the book quickly became a New York Times bestseller.

All that bedroom talk paved the way for the creation of Nick and Megan’s  delightful podcast entitled—what else?—In Bed with Nick and Megan. It finds the couple in bed, of course, and provides a funny, loving and often very candid look into their relationship and lives when they’re together—and apart. They frequently have guests joining them in bed (figuratively, we’re imagining) but there are some episodes that find the two booting their buddies off the mattress (people like guests Jon Hamm, Jamie Lee Curtis, Aubrey Plaza and Conan O’Brien) and getting comfortable with some extra personal chit-chat! Yowza…

Megan & Nick Wrote a Book on Their Epic Love Story

Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally Instagram selfies.
meganomullally/Instagram | meganomullally/Instagram

"I always hear some couples can't work together, and I don't get that. We have the most fun when we're working together," Mullally told Backstage about teaming up with her man on so many projects.

Offerman took the idea even further when he told BuzzFeed, "We do things well on our own, but when we combine our powers, we can save the planet."

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Most recently and very notably, Offerman stars in episode three of The Last of Us, HBO’s adaptation of the bestselling zombie videogame. In a surprising change of pace from the usual zombie apocalypse stylings one finds in these kind of shows (The Walking Dead, anyone?), Offerman’s episode focuses on his survivalist character’s surprisingly emotional and fulfilling life over the course of two decades spent in a fortified village. A departure from the kind of roles Offerman is usually associated with, his performance was lauded by critics and fans alike, and the unlikely episode has garnered praise as the finest the series has yet produced.

While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Offerman explained that at first he wasn’t planning on taking on the role after he received the script—but someone stepped in and told him he had better take it.

Megan Convinced Nick to Appear in The Last of Us

Mick Offerman and Megan Mullally smiling on the red carpet.
LISA O'CONNOR/AFP via Getty Images

"I didn't have time on the calendar to say yes to this job," Offerman told Kimmel. "And my incredible goddess of a wife read it and said, 'You're going to Calgary, buddy. Have fun! You have to do this.'"

This quick story revolving around a role in a zombie TV series serves as the perfect example of the kind of support, insight and affection that exists between Megan and Nick, both now and for the past 20 years. It’s the recognition of each other’s strengths and being able to use their knowledge of one another and experience in their shared profession that makes it so special. To help guide your partner professionally plays almost like a side benefit to the personal connection one develops as time moves on.

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And to hear how a spouse wants to encourage her partner to expand his boundaries and take on a fresh challenge is simply wonderful!

Outside of work, the two are regularly seen on each other’s arms and on the red carpet at a slew of Hollywood events and awards shows. That they’ve both earned their living primarily in in the comedy arena from the get-go is also very telling, There is always a smile behind the support and comfort Nick and Megan bring to each other on-set and off. And from the looks of it, that support and comfort is here to stay!

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