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This New Public Speaking Masterclass Will Help You Become a Master Communicator

This New Public Speaking Masterclass Will Help You Become a Master Communicator

Ever since you were born, you communicated.

First, through crying and waving your furious little hands in the air. Later, you used single words to represent ideas and, eventually, you gained the ability to piece together sentences. With time, you learned to speak clearly and fluently in your birth language and even how to read and write.

In high-school and later in college, you learned to write book reports and dissertations and communicate with others in a team setting.

And then you got on a stage and...

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...Hello? Is anyone there?

Oh, yeah, you froze up. Either that or you fumbled your words so badly, or simply communicated so ineffectively, that the audience thought you were speaking in tongues.

Public speaking is a whole different beast from the type of communication we learned growing up. It simply demands a higher quality of communication. And chances are, you could always improve your public speaking skills.

After all, if you are speaking in public, it probably has something to do with your career, meaning you need to do everything you can to be an effective public speaker. And a new public speaking masterclass will help you just that.

The public speaking masterclass

There are a lot of ways to learn a new skill– and that’s exactly what public speaking is– however, nowadays, online courses are arguably one of the best combinations of convenience and quality.

One such course is Public Speaking Masterclass on the Udemy online learning platform.

Public Speaking Masterclass: Public Speaking with Confidence is a course created by Nader Nadernejad, who has consulted media brands such as CBC’s Smartest Person, Telus Business, Fullscreen, and The Examiner.

Nadernejad is a branding and messaging expert and personal business trainer who designed the course for professionals wanting to learn how to improve their public speaking and presentation skills, command audiences, and influence people.

According to Nadernejad, the course will teach you “the public speaking fundamentals you need to captivate audiences, control the room and earn the respect of your listeners.”

The course now has over 1,000 students and continues to grow.

What makes the course special

So, what makes this course different from others?

First, Public Speaking Masterclass does a great job splitting the information into bite-sized chunks.

Instead of bunching up large amounts of information and overwhelming the student, each lesson is a short burst of information, making it easy to digest and internalize. After all, what’s the point of consuming a bunch of information if you’re not going to remember or be able to apply it?

The course also does a great job covering the full range of topics that are critical to becoming an amazing public speaker.

The course teaches you:

  • How to overcome fear and become more comfortable speaking to groups
  • How to create a great first impression as a speaker
  • How to get an audience to connect with you on an emotional level
  • Unique tips and tricks for everything from voice projection to presenting
  • How to engage an audience
  • Important things to avoid to make your public speaking pursuits maximally productive
  • And how to use body language to improve your ability to communicate

Become a master public speakerwoman-public-speaking

In a 2009 speech at Columbia University, Warren Buffett told business students he’d pay $100,000 to any student in the audience for 10 percent of their lifetime earnings. But he then upped the ante, offering any student who would take the time to learn public speaking $150,000.

If you’re an entrepreneur or professional of any kind and know that public speaking could and very well will become an aspect of your career, it makes sense to take the time to learn what it takes to be great at it.

Nadernejad says all that’s required of you to start the course is “a dedication and willpower to transform yourself into an epic public speaker!”

If that sounds like you, check out Public Speaking Masterclass now.

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