Known for her flawless rap flow, eccentric persona and fierce feminism, Nicki Minaj is also a dedicated champion for education.

Those who’ve watched her stint on American idol might remember her many encouragements to would-be singers to stay in school and finish their education before pursuing a musical career. But it’s not just words and encouragement from the Chun-Li singer – it’s also hard cash, delivered directly to students struggling to fund their education.

In fact, the 35-year-old handed out 37 scholarships last week to fans, paying either tuition costs or student loans, Billboard reported. The financial aid was made available through Minaj’s Student of the Game scholarship fund, set up last year after an impromptu education fund giveaway on social media. Inspired by a fan reaching out online to ask for help to stay in school, Minaj took to social media in May last year, telling fans to show her good college records in exchange for help to pay for tuition or study books.

That impromptu giveaway inspired Minaj to set up the Student of the Game scholarship fund as a response to the college students’ growing struggle with debt and growing college costs. Announcing her newest round of scholarship giveaways and the 37 lucky recipients.

Minaj was flooded with messages of appreciation both from recipients and the Twitterverse alike, some calling her an “angel” for her work, other outright crying.

The lucky winners were of course awed and immensely grateful, expressing their love and disbelief at her generosity online. Some saw God’s hand in Minaj’s work, while others saw more proof of the rapper’s loyalty to her fans: “This is just another way Nicki Minaj has shaped my life for the better,” said Twitter user MINAJ-4LYFE. @NickiWatermelon will now be able to take all of their APs thanks to Minaj, @TM_BaisleyBlvd will be able to continue working towards a nursing degree, and @Jerihmi will finish college with the last semester paid by Minaj, their favorite artist.