After this teenage boy was bullied for his skin condition, he adopted Roo, a six-legged dog that has been a saving grace.

Sometimes, people let us down, and it can be hard to trust again –- but friendship and renewed trust can come from the most unexpected of places — like man’s best friend.

After Luke Salmon, a 15-year-old boy from Kent, England, was bullied at school because of his psoriasis, his mom Lauren was really worried about him. But when they adopted a six-legged puppy, she found him an instant friend.

Luke had instantly fallen in love with the eight-week-old Labrador mix when he saw him online. He felt a kinship with the pup, because he is also a bit different than his peers.

The unusual critter is called Roo because she hops around on her back — for a very good. She was born with two extra front legs.

“Luke feels like the odd one out because of his condition, and now he’s got a best friend to match,” Lauren told SWNS.

Lauren reports that when she and Luke went to pick up Roo, the little pup was so happy to meet her new human family she came “bounding out” of her puppy pen.

“It was love at first sight for Luke and for Roo from then on,” Lauren says. “Luke is like a protective father. They never leave each other’s sides and she even sleeps in his bed.”

Since getting Roo two weeks ago, the Salmon family has fallen in love with her.

“She’s is just a normal dog to us, just with a couple of extra bits. Her special legs don’t cause her any pain, and it’s easy to see just how full of life she is,” Salmon told SWNS. “There are not many dogs like Roo out there. I think the breeders kill them off because they’re not worth anything, but to us she’s priceless.”

Now, the family hopes to help Roo improve her mobility as she gets bigger and stronger.  

“When she walks, she sort of staggers on her elbows with her bum in the air, like an army crawl,” says Lauren. ” It’s sad but it’s cute at the same time because she is so full of energy.”

But regardless of her mobility, Roo is already Luke’s saving grace. “I think Roo will reduce Luke’s stress and that should help his skin,” his mom predicts, echoing studies that show pets to be beneficial to mental health.

Luke and Roo’s bond just goes to show that our differences are what bring us together and what makes us special. We don’t need to look for perfection in our friends or loved ones — those who are overlooked are often the ones with the most to give.

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