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A$AP Rocky Is “More Excited Than Everyone” That Rihanna’s Performing at the Super Bowl and It’s Adorable

A$AP Rocky Is “More Excited Than Everyone” That Rihanna’s Performing at the Super Bowl and It’s Adorable

The rapper recently opened up about what he really thinks about Rihanna's highly-anticipated half-time performance

As the world awaits Rihanna's big return to music for The Super Bowl Halftime Show this Sunday, her biggest cheerleader may just be A$AP Rocky.

Rihanna's longtime partner A$AP Rocky recently sat down with Apple Music 1 host, Zane Lowe. He couldn't help but gush over her highly anticipated performance, and without revealing too much, he has nothing but encouraging words to share about his partner.

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The 34-year-old rapper says, "I'm so glad that my lady's back making music again and whatnot, and getting back out there," Rocky told Apple Music. "It's just incredible."

He continues, "The Super Bowl is huge, and her being the creative she is, she going to bring it, man. I'm excited. I'm more excited than everybody else, honestly."

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky's Amazing Partnership

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky have been friends for over a decade long before they decided to become a couple.

In 2012, they performed together at the VMA's where they definitely displayed a lot of chemistry on stage, A$AP even giving Rihanna a quick kiss on the cheek! However, there's no word on whether they were romantically linked at the time.

In 2013, they collaborated on the track Fashion Killa, and it was reported that they were spotted kissing off-screen during the shooting of the music video.

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But afterward, they both seemed to pursue other relationships and went their separate ways. Rihanna was linked to Leonardo DiCaprio in 2016 after they were spotted at an event together. From 2017-2020, she was linked to businessman and Toyota heir Hassan Jameel. A$AP Rocky was linked to model Kendall Jenner back in 2017.

It took many years for Rihanna and Rocky to rekindle their relationship, and in 2019, the pair started to publicly attend events together, sharing sweet moments even when the cameras weren't watching.

A$AP Rocky and Rihanna Confirm Their Relationship in 2020

Asap Rocky kissing a pregnant Rihanna.
badgirlriri /Instagram

In June 2020, A$AP joined Rihanna in a Fenty skincare campaign, but they still hadn't gone public yet. But let's just say that everyone had their bets on the pair's relationship.

It wasn't until December 2020 that a source told US Weekly that the pair have been into each other for years. At first, A$AP Rocky was the initiator of all of their flirty exchanges, and Rihanna merely brushed off his advances. She definitely kept him in the friend zone. But over the summer of 2020, the source confirmed that they eventually got together, and have been with one another ever since.

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In May 2021, A$AP Rocky gave an interview to GQ Magazine where he wasn't shy about professing his love for Rihanna, calling the "Umbrella" singer "the love of my life," and "my lady."

Then, the biggest news of all came in January 2021 when it was revealed that Rihanna was expecting the couple's first child. Fast forward to today, and you'll find that Rihanna and A$AP are the proud parents of an adorable 8-month-old son who is truly the light of Rihanna's life.

Rihanna's Return to the Super Bowl

Rihanna posing in promotional shot days before the Superbowl.
@badgirlriri /Instagram

Although Rihanna was always at the top of her game as a pop-icon, she took a step back from the performing spotlight, with her last live performance being the 2018 Grammy Awards when she performed "Wild Thoughts" with DJ Khaled and Bryson Tiller.

During Rihanna's hiatus, she leaned into her entrepreneurial side, including building a makeup and skincare line, Fenty Beauty. The brand now dominates the industry and has broken barriers for diversity and inclusion.

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She also started her own lingerie line, Savage x Fenty, best known for its inclusion of all body sizes and its annual fashion show that streams on Amazon Prime. 

In 2022, she lent her vocals to the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever soundtrack which led many to wonder if the pop diva is working on a new album. While this remains a mystery, (though, our fingers are crossed), one thing is clear, her Super Bowl performance is the result of her hard work, and the world is eager to see what she brings.

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Returning to work isn't an easy task, throw in a new baby and it's even more overwhelming. Whether you're a pop superstar or an employee in an office, the feelings we experience are all the same. But having a partner who supports your passions and goals is so important and valuable.

A$AP Rocky's encouraging words for Rihanna is proof that in healthy relationships, there's always room for personal growth and success, and the best part is when you have someone standing right beside you cheering you on.

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