“Anti-hero? No. Today, Taylor is definitely our hero.”

Taylor Swift is currently taking the world by storm, playing to sold-out crowds across the nation on her earth-shattering Eras tour. (Literally. Swifties set off a “Swift Quake” in Seattle, measuring 2.3 on the Richter Scale.)

And while she’s obviously busy “shaking it off” with 131 shows across five continents she’s not too busy to forget about her boyfriend, Karma.

Because despite raking in an estimated whopping 1 BILLION DOLLARS she’s also been secretly giving back to the local communities during each of her concert stops.

The (Karma) Cat’s Outta the Bag…

With a “reputation” for philanthropy, Swift is once again demonstrating her generosity by quietly donating to food banks across the country.

And while SHE may consider herself the “Anti-Hero,” to those she’s helping she’s swiftly become the HERO.

Word of her generosity first came to light at the beginning of her tour in March. Prior to taking the stage at her kick-off concert in Glendale, Arizona, she made a “generous contribution” to the Arizona Food Bank Network.

Swift herself didn’t publicize the donation. Instead, the food bank shared about it on social media.

“We are incredibly grateful to Taylor for this gift and for caring about people who are struggling to put food on the table here in Arizona,” said Terri Shoemaker, Vice President of External Relations, in a statement. “Food banks across the state are seeing increases in need and this donation couldn’t have come at a better time. Anti-hero? No. Today, Taylor is definitely our hero.”

Swift was just getting started. Days later, Three Square, a food bank that works to reach struggling families at risk of hunger in Nevada also revealed the record-breaking Grammy winner had made a donation.

“We don’t know about you, but we’re feeling grateful on this day, March 22!” Three Square wrote on their Instagram account. “@TaylorSwift has made a generous gift to Three Square, allowing us to provide thousands of meals to families and individuals struggling with hunger. Thank you to Ms. Swift for supporting our mission and the local community.”

And again in Denver, where the Food Bank of the Rockies revealed that her donation would provide 75,000 nutritious meals to those in need.

Look What You Made Her Do

In case you needed any more reasons to love her, Swift has also reportedly donated similar gifts to food banks in Atlanta, Houston, Silicon Valley, and Tampa Bay where, according to Feeding Tampa Bay, her generosity will provide over 125,000 meals.

According to Feeding America, unemployment and food insecurity skyrocketed after the pandemic. In 2022, 49 million people turned to food banks and community programs for help putting food on the table. 

And now, thanks to Taylor Swift, many of them will finally find some relief and some much-needed food in their bellies.

Apparently, it’s not the only giving back she’s doing on her superstar Eras Tour. Additionally, she is gifting a super-sized bonus to the truck drivers who have been hauling all the equipment. To the tune of $100,000 each. With about 50 drivers employed, that’s the equivalent of $5 million.

In addition to the bonuses for the truckers, Swift reportedly just shelled out more than $45 million in bonuses to other members of the tour, including band members, dancers, lighting and sound technicians, caterers, and more.

So yeah, pretty sure Karma loves her.

For Taylor Swift, it’s clear that there is no “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve” when it comes to making a positive change in our communities. And it’s a goal we can all aspire to, Swiftie or not.

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