Polly and Darryl Morby were both teenage babysitters when they met. Their relationship blossomed in secret but things didn’t work out.

Darryl went on to join the military and both he and Polly ended up starting families with other people.

35 years later, in an astonishing turn of events, Polly and Darryl rekindled their romance. They are now married, proving that it’s never too late for love.

Young romance

In 1982, Polly was 14 and helping out as a babysitter for her brother when she met Darryl, the 13-year-old nephew of her brother’s wife.

The two got to chatting about growing up in military households and hit it off. They started dating but didn’t tell anyone except the aunt and uncle they had in common.

“I didn’t tell the rest of my family though, as I’d grown up in a strict household and I worried about what they’d say,” Polly told Metro UK.

“Darryl was my first boyfriend, though, and I was head over heels for him.”

Polly Morby said to Metro UK.

Unfortunately, the relationship fizzled out after 18 months. They were living in different cities and didn’t have a car to visit one another.

They both eventually met other people, got married, and had kids — Darryl had a daughter while Polly had two sons and a girl.

Their marriages only lasted two and five years respectively.

Rekindled romance

In 2015, they were invited to the wedding of one of the children they used to babysit together and immediately hit it off.

“My heart fluttered as soon as I saw Darryl,” Polly told Metro UK.

“My legs turned to jelly. I was grinning from ear to ear, like a Cheshire cat…I realized seeing her again that day how much I had missed her.”

Darryl Morby added.

In 2017, Polly and Darryl revisited their relationship as friends but romantic feelings began to flourish.

Polly’s very own Richard Gere

A year later, Polly ignored ancient customs and asked Darryl to marry her.

“It was our anniversary, and I brought him breakfast in bed, and a card from me which had a ring inside,” she said.

“She must have been pretty certain I’d say yes!”

Darryl Morby said.

Eleven months after that, they tied the knot with Darryl wearing his military uniform.

“Polly wanted her man in uniform, so I married her in full military dress. I’m not quite Richard Gere, but it was like ‘An Officer and a Gentleman,'” Darryl said.

It’s never too late for love

People often say there is nothing like your first love. But first relationships rarely work out — people usually need to do some more growing up and dating before they settle on one person.

Darryl and Polly went their separate ways and learned lessons after getting married to other people. But they never forgot each other and when the time was right they rekindled their love, proving that true love is possible at any age.

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