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The Shocking Truth Behind Gisele and Tom Brady's Divorce Drama - And Why We All Relate
Gisele-Bundchen Tom Brady

The Shocking Truth Behind Gisele and Tom Brady's Divorce Drama - And Why We All Relate

Gisele opens up about the controversy regarding her marriage to Tom Brady, finalizing the divorce and why it's finally time to follow her path.

All is not well in the Brady household. The two have officially finalized their divorce after over a decade of marriage.

For years Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen have been regarded as one of the most influential, formidable couples of the 21st century. He’s an NFL legend, the most decorated player in football history with a wealth of accolades, records, and Superbowl victories to his name, whereas she’s a former supermodel, a veritable bombshell who rose through the ranks of the modeling hierarchy to earn millions of dollars and establish herself as the foremost ambassador to her native Brazil. They were a match made in heaven, something most ordinary folks could only imagine for themselves as they looked with equal parts envy and aspiration. 

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However, it appears there is trouble in paradise. Since the beginning of 2022, rumors have been abounding regarding the status of Brady and Gisele’s marriage and whether they’re heading down splitsville. Though nothing has been confirmed by either party at the time of writing, Gisele has gone on record as of late to express dissatisfaction with her current state of affairs. 

Therefore, let’s take the time to understand the nuances of their marital woes, particularly from Gisele’s perspective, and what we might be able to learn from them in this time of chaos. 

Gisele Reveals The Sacrifices She Made For Tom Brady

Tom Brady in a black suit with ex-wife Gisele in a white dress on the red carpet

In Gisele’s view, she has done her utmost to fulfill her commitment to Brady and the family they’ve built together. When she married Brady in 2009, she’d been at the pinnacle of her career and was only slated to expand her brand. However, when you exchange vows with someone, there are elements of sacrifice involved, even if it’s something you happily go through in the name of the ‘greater good.’ At the time of their union, both Brady and Gisele came to a mutual agreement: she was going to be the primary caretaker of their three children (including her stepson Jack), and he was going to be the principal breadwinner. Nothing about this arrangement was official per se, but it’s a compromise Gisele made with absolute conviction. 

So, Gisele did the necessary: she scaled back her professional engagements, packed her bags and moved to Boston, and devoted herself to nurturing and raising her growing family — just like any good housewife and mother would do. To be fair, she doesn’t regret a single thing, as it was fulfilling for both herself and her children to experience those special years during their upbringing. “I’m so grateful to have been there in those moments that were really shaping who they are as people,” she told Elle

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However, now that the brood is older, Gisele is envisioning a comeback — or, more accurately, a revival —in the public consciousness. 

At 42, the Brazilian native has bigger dreams, more clarity, and tons of gusto to bring her vision into being. For starters, she wants to help global initiatives against climate change and pollution, especially with her homeland being such a focal point of environmental activism. She also has her eye on more extensive philanthropic work, such, such as universal education and healthcare relief. Her next project is a travel series highlighting Brazil’s diverse ecosystems. 

The former Victoria’s Secret star has plenty on her agenda, and she needs both the time and the space to see through these items. Ideally, this shouldn’t have been an issue at all — Brady was to have retired at the beginning of 2022, which would have enabled Gisele to carry out these endeavors. However, despite announcing retirement on February 1, 2022, Brady announced 40 days later that he would be part of the Buccaneers squad for the 2022 season. 

Gisele's Perspective On Tom Brady's Un-Retirement

Tom Brady and Gisele B\u00fcndchen

His short-lived retirement instigated a flurry of speculation and memes in the press, and understandably so. The 45-year-old has achieved everything there is to achieve in football — what more is there to experience? Not to mention, the injuries will only accelerate with age. Also, doesn’t he want to make up for lost time and be a present dad for his children? Unfortunately, Brady never truly delved into why he un-retired; in his initial statement, he said, “These past two months I've realized my place is still on the field and not in the stands.”

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From Gisele’s point of view, it’s a tricky situation. On the one hand, she values Brady’s ambition and wants him to be happy no matter what. On the other hand, as she said, “this is a very violent sport,” and she would like Brady to “be more present” in their children’s lives.

At the end of the day, she can’t force him to do anything; she can only present her case and hope he can see her perspective and take the necessary measures. “But ultimately, I feel that everybody has to make a decision that works for [them]. He needs to follow his joy, too,” she said. 

Gisele has reached a point in her marriage where she has to be a little ‘selfish,’ so to speak, and reassess what she wants from Brady and their partnership. “I’ve done my part, which is [to] be there for [Tom],” she shared. She uprooted her life and spent every bit of her energy creating a warm, loving atmosphere for her children to grow up in. She couldn’t be prouder of them, but, at the same time, she does foresee a fork in her path. She is at a critical juncture in her journey and needs to decide how she wants to spend the next decade. “I have a huge list of things that I have to do, that I want to do,” she said. “At 42, I feel more connected with my purpose.”

So what next for Brady and Gisele? Though the model concluded the interview on a somewhat ambiguous note, reports in the media indicate that their marriage is on the rocks. In September, it was reported that they had been living apart for more than a few months, whereas in October, PageSix announced that both Brady and Gisele had hired divorce lawyers amid the hearsay. Brady has also been spotted without his wedding band as of late. 

What Gisele Teaches Us About Fighting For Our Joys

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen in a rose dress on the red carpet.

There’s no way to predict the future: Brady and Gisele may very well divorce, or perhaps, they might find a way to salvage something out of this impossible situation. What we can take away from this travesty is the significance of drawing lines in our interpersonal relationships.

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There’s no way you can sacrifice everything for the other person — it’s a surefire way to get taken advantage of, lose your peace, and waste your time. Gisele has no regrets about her choices, yet she is still drawing those lines to find her happiness. We can’t all have everything we want, but at least we can still fight for some of our joys. 


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