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Dwayne Johnson Learns Struggling UFC Fighter Sleeps in the Gym - Then, Tells Him a Lie That Brings Him to His Knees
Dwayne Johnson Gives Struggling UFC Fighter a New Home
Uplifting News

Dwayne Johnson Learns Struggling UFC Fighter Sleeps in the Gym - Then, Tells Him a Lie That Brings Him to His Knees

Gorimbo gave everything he had to help others so Dwayne Johnson steps up to help this UFC fighter.

Up-and-coming UFC fighter Themba Gorimbo was in Zimbabwe when he heard the news that Dwayne Johnson wanted to interview him. He was so excited. Little did he know that the interview was just a guise for the gift that Johnson really wanted to give him.

Gorimbo is a young, talented fighter. After he lost his first fight in Africa, he knew he had to come to Miami to train. He begged and pleaded with the powers that be until he was granted a place to call “home”: a couch in the corner of a gym where he could crash at night after a long day of training.

Far from his home and family, Gorimbo is nonetheless determined to achieve his dreams. A piece of paper, titled “My Reason” is taped to the wall across from the couch where he sleeps at night. It reads, in part, “I fight for my kids’ smiles; I fight for hope and change; I fight for those who believe in me; I fight for my village.”

Always Thinking of Others

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Photo by Anna Shvets

Gorimbo was fighting for his village the day he received a text that Dwayne Johnson wanted to meet him. “I did not sleep that night, if I have to be honest,” said Gorimbo with a huge grin.

He was in his village in Zimbabwe and had just finished drilling the borehole that would provide his community with clean water. He had scrimped and saved every penny he had earned in Miami to make the lives of his friends and family back home just a little bit better.

After winning his second fight, he even sold his equipment to make that happen. With just $7 left in his account, he posted his story on social media. Despite the insecurity of it all, he was ready to keep going, ready to go back to Miami and keep working hard so that he could one day bring his family over and achieve his dreams.

Dwayne Johnson saw Gorimbo’s story and it hit home. He, too, had once been a young fighter with just $7 left in his back account. He reached out to Gorimbo via Twitter: “Got your back, brother. I’ll help. You got this. I’ll be in touch.”

Encouragement Just When He Needed It Most

The upcoming interview with Dwayne Johnson made the goodbyes in Zimbabwe a little more bearable.

Back at the gym, he sat down for an initial interview as Johnson snuck in a side door, walking up behind Gorimbo and surprising him in mid sentence. The young fighter jumped up and gave Johnson a big hug. He was emotional just meeting Johnson in person.

Gorimbo didn’t know what to expect, but with Johnson there right in front of him, he must have felt a heady mixture of excitement and relief.

The two swapped stories, and Gorimbo showed Johnson the corner of the gym where he slept at night. He told Johnson about his dream to be a UFC champion and how he was working hard every single day.

Johnson eventually told Gorimbo that he had a flight to catch — but before he did, he wanted to introduce Gorimbo to a friend who lived in Miami, a friend with connections who could help him navigate the fighting world of Miami. Thankful for any help he could get, Gorimbo followed Johnson to a large, beautiful house on the water.

UFC Fighter Is in for a Big Surprise

Of course, there was no friend. But Gorimbo didn’t know this yet. He followed Johnson through the immaculate house as Johnson convincingly called out for his “friend.” Finally, Johnson pulled out his cell phone and told Gorimbo to check out the framed photos on the desk.

As Johnson pretended to make a phone call, Gorimbo’s mouth fell open in surprise: these were photos of him and his family! He turned to Johnson for an explanation. Johnson grinned and handed Gorimbo a set of keys. “Welcome home,” he said.

The gift brought Gorimbo to his knees. Johnson told the young UFC fighter that now he didn’t have to worry about anything except winning fights and getting his family over to Miami.

“It’s crazy what can happen when you are able to tell your story, who you can touch, who you can inspire,” gushed Gorimbo. He says that Johnson’s help has inspired him even more to become a champion.

“I will work hard, trust me,” Gorimbo reassured Johnson. “I will become a champion. Trust me. You can shake my hand on it. I will become a champion.”

How Dwayne Johnson Inspired a Man With His Generosity

Johnson counts it as “a privilege and a pleasure to finally meet” Gorimbo. He himself is inspired by the young UFC fighter, his work ethic and how he gives everything he has to others.

“Now there’s no more couch sleeping,” he told Gorimbo. “This is your house. Now you can bring your kids here. Bring your family.” Johnson even filled the closet with workout gear and the kitchen with food.

Gorimbo was so touched by Johnson’s generosity that he made a gesture of his own. He told the celebrity that all the money he had been saving to buy a house, he was now going to use it to drill another well in his village: “I’m going to build it because we need another one.”

“I really appreciate you,” Gorimbo added. Johnson nodded, and on the back porch of Gorimbo’s new house, he gave a toast.

“Cheers to always taking care of people.”

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