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Women and Men Can Both Be Alphas (and Here's How)
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Women and Men Can Both Be Alphas (and Here's How)

We might have evolved into humans from our predecessors, but our instincts and desires are in many ways the same at a basic level. In the animal kingdom, groups are led by the alpha, and the same applies for us today. In society, the one who gets all the wealth, success and basically what he/she wants in life is indeed the alpha or dominant person.

Being alpha can often be related to genetics, but like all other characteristics of one's personality, with time and repetition, one can be the person he/she wants to be and achieve all that one desires in this world. Most importantly, unlike in the animal kingdom, for humans a female can also be the alpha person as much as a male can, as Dr. Gaby Cobra explains in this Tedx talk. 

There are certain traits that have been found to be common among those referred to as the alpha, some of which are likely already in adoption by us in our daily lives. Let's see what they are now and how we can train ourselves to become the dominant one -- the one who gets to make the last call and all the important decisions when it comes to their own life or their respective group in work or society.

Alpha lion

Women and Men Can Both Be Alphas (and Here's How)

Ever loved someone so much, you would do anything for them? Yeah, well, make that someone yourself and do whatever the hell you want.

Harvey Specter

1. Shoulders back, head up!

Gents and ladies, straighten up that backbone! The way you sit, stand, walk, make eye contact and talk all matters. I am not talking about necessarily having to lift weights and build a hulk-like physique, although some amount of muscle mass doesn’t hurt. Unlike in the animal kingdom, we humans have also had skinny people leading us. What matters is the way you appear in front of others and the way you can influence them with your non-verbal skills. There are even these exercises you can do for achieving that alpha-like posture.

2. Keep it cool

One of the most important trait of an alpha is he/she is always calm under pressure. They are the ones who take control of a difficult situation and can respond rationally even under duress. Keep that cortisol level under control and keep your cool no matter the challenges that confront you. You cannot be the person making the calls when you yourself are shivering out of stress and panic.

3. Be clear and assertive

Make your opinions known to others and in a straightforward way without twisting and turning your words. If you believe in your opinions wholeheartedly, then make them heard! Just make sure to speak sensibly -- and do not turn into the aggressive beta who never listens to anyone else and tries to impose his/her opinions through force.

4. Live responsibly

The alpha person is well aware of his/her responsibilities and does not let any excuse get in their way. They commit wholeheartedy and do not give up until the responsibility is properly taken care of. The alpha person takes care of their family and friends, and respects their adversaries. They are caring, compassionate and loving, but also honest and critical with their loved ones when the need arises. They are reliable, punctual and most importantly are the same for everyone.

5. Confidence!

People, this is the ultimate mantra for being the alpha who takes control of any situation in life. Confidence is the key to emerging on top and staying there no matter what issues might come up. And it can built, if only you desire it. You do not need to be the richest or most knowledgeable person in the world to have confidence in yourself. You just need to decide and act, without doubting yourself much!

Now take control

That is all you need to possess in order to be the alpha who takes control in every sphere of life. Never again let complaints and excuses stop you from achieving your goals in life!

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