Next year is a fresh, new opportunity to change things for the better.

We need to stand up, take action, and not let this opportunity pass us by. It’s more important than ever. For all of us.

From the Reddit community standing up to Net Neutrality to the quiet town of Sutherland Springs coming together to support one another after they were struck with tragedy, we learned that we have the power to stand up and make a difference together.

But 2018 will be even more important. And the change we need always starts with individuals.

Why You Need to Make 2018 Your Year of Change

Each one of us can make a difference. Together we make change.

– Barbara Mikulski

No matter what that might be for you, you need to make 2018 your Year of Change.

Whether it’s something as simple as making the resolution to finally start taking care of yourself, starting that passion project that is so dear to your heart, or getting involved in a cause that you believe matters, 2018 is the year you stand up and take action– not sit down and talk about it.

So, if you haven’t already, you need to get clear about what matters to you. Not just what you want to do with your life, but what makes you emotional, what gives you a sense of energy, and what of those things connects you with people and helps you make a difference?

Deciding based on these factors isn’t just beneficial to the world, it’s what will make you happiest and most fulfilled as well.

How to make a change in 2018

If you’ve taken the time to get clarity about what you want and care about, now, there’s nothing left to do but to take action. However, that’s not always so easy.

Where do you start? How do you decide? Where do you go?

Taking those initial steps to change can be overwhelming, but there’s a pretty simple way to figure out how to get yourself started. Ask yourself this question:

What is the one most important thing I can do right now to move me closer to my goal?

Questions have a special way of placing things into perspective for us. Some are great for uncovering hidden thoughts and feelings, some are great for giving us clarity, and others are great for removing the fog that sometimes clouds the mind, giving us the ability to focus in on something important.

This question helps us remove the fog. Or, more accurately, it helps us put everything aside for a moment so that we can see clearly enough to take the next action. It won’t solve all your problems, but it will give you the most important thing you need to begin making this great change: the answer as to how to get started.

Oftentimes, that’s the most difficult part. If we can just get ourselves started we can begin generating energy towards our cause. This energy then motivates us to take further action, snowballing until we’ve developed a running pace towards our objective.

A lot happened in 2017. But 2018 will be bigger. It’s now or never for you to stand up and take action in your life. That’s a lot of different things for different people, but it’s all the same: you need to stand up and take action or nothing will change.

The time is now.

So get up, get clear about what matters to you and what you want your life to be about. Then ask yourself that one question to get yourself started towards making a change in 2018.