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5 Powerful Morning Mantras to Get Your Day Started Off Right
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5 Powerful Morning Mantras to Get Your Day Started Off Right

Each morning is an opportunity to start over.

No matter how difficult the previous day was, this morning– and every morning thereafter -- you have the chance to start fresh and make the best with what is given to you.

I love mantras, and the power of language in general, as they have the power to create a real shift in the way you think. It’s incredible to me that simple phrases can have a real effect on how you think and act in your daily life. I can attest to this in my own life and high-performance experts such as Tony Robbins and Oprah say the same.

If you’re needing a fresh start in your life, or just a jump start to your day, use these five powerful mantras to get your day started off right.

Smile in the mirror. Do that every morning and you'll start to see a big difference in your life.

– Yoko Ono

1. Change is an opportunity for growth. I adapt to the changes in my life with grace and poise.


When life appears to be crashing down around you, it’s important to remember that nothing in life ever stays the same forever. I

For most of us, our heart sinks at the idea. But change also brings about the chance to learn and grow and make things better than they were before. The better you can adapt to those changes, the better your life will be.

2. Like a tree firmly rooted to the Earth, I weather the storms of life with strength and resolve. This new day is filled with possibility and potential.

When you’re stressed about the direction of your life, or you feel like you’re going nowhere, you need to stop everything and take time to ground yourself in the present. Things are never as bad as they may seem and that alone can be a very powerful reminder.

Once you’ve grounded yourself, you’re free to set out and make the best of your life now as opposed to sitting around stressing about it and getting nothing done.

3. Today I awaken as my best self, filled with focus and resolve. I will rise above my challenges.

Some days we wake up feeling recharged and ready to tackle the day. Others, we feel defeated or overwhelmed before we even step outside. This is especially true when that particular day has significance.

But instead of allowing your mood to be dictated by how you woke up that day, remind yourself that you’re strong, capable, and resilient to handle whatever the day may bring you.

4. Life is short, but this morning is young and I am healthy and capable of making the most of the time I have available to me.

Man-standing-in-a-power-pose-on-the-streetEvery day is a good day to remind yourself that you’re a mortal, impermanent being.

Not to scare yourself into submission but so that you’re reminded of the limited amount of time you have available to you and be motivated to take action on your goals and dreams.

5. Greatness is found in each moment. This morning I choose to pursue the things that bring my life joy and excitement.

Pursuing a dream takes persistence, focus, and hard work, among other things. One of the central issues when working towards a great goal is the difficulty in staying consistent when the mind and body often have no mind to cooperate.

For that, I’ve found it’s incredibly powerful to know that greatness is found in the little moments. Each and every little moment that you do what you need to do to make progress towards that dream is a moment in which you lived up to your greatness.

Greatness is found in the little moments of practice and preparation, as has been echoed countless times by the greatest athletes and performers of our time. This morning, choose to pursue your passion with vigor and focus.

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