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70 Best Relationship Memes to Share with Your Partner
Couple laughing while looking at computer screen
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70 Best Relationship Memes to Share with Your Partner

From the funny to the touching to the absurd, there are plenty of relationship memes to share with your significant other.

Romantic relationships come in all shapes and sizes, and develop from numerous and varied circumstances. However, even with the diversity that naturally emerges out of a universal phenomenon, there are still ways to find unison. Throughout the years, people have created funny memes about their own relationships that reflect common experiences for most, if not all couples. Some are even relatable enough that they rank among the absolute best relationship memes.

These funny relationship memes will likely strike a chord for most people in a relationship. Both you and the special someone in your life can get something out of them. If you can make your partner laugh by sending them these memes, then it is even better.

Relatable Relationship Memes

1. Few things offer the comfort and relatability more than a beloved pop-culture icon like Kermit the Frog.

Image 79

2. Developing a relationship inevitably involves the use of terms and nicknames only known to you. Of course, there's always the chance of accidental public exposure of those terms, and the ensuing embarrassment.

Image 82

3. By the time you begin sharing a bed with your partner, you might realize your sleeping quirks clash with each other, and that compromises should be made.

Image 83

4. Some couples love using social media to share as many posts about their relationship status as possible. Sometimes, their introverted counterparts just like to mock them.

Image 96

5. In a rather common attempt at dark comedy, dating someone might be comparing to one of the best-known ocean disasters of all time.

Image 34

6. A gentleman who truly respects women will not give her his jacket under the guise of chivalry. Instead, he will remind her of her own autonomy.

Image 36

7. Sometimes, a trip to the bathroom is just an excuse to avoid an even duller movie-viewing experience.

Image 37

8. Some elements of a relationship (like pet names!) are better off kept secret. However, it can be immensely gratifying to publicly recount how you fell for your partner -- if only for the expression on the face of your proud girlfriend or boyfriend.

Image 97

9. Tom, of Tom and Jerry fame, is subjected to frequent pain in the classic cartoons. However, he can also prove useful in the creation of funny relationship memes.

Image 84

10. Miles Morales donning the iconic Spider-Man costume is worthy of comparison to partners sharing clothes.

Image 38

11. Sometimes, making things easier for your partner can backfire, as indicated by Baby Yoda;s entertaining expression.

Image 33

12. We will never know how these tools became so small, or how they were acquired, but a loyal partner has to fix what he can.

Image 80

13. Even with all the butterflies and initial romantic gestures, mild forms of physical intimacy can sometimes lead to clumsy surprises.

Image 98

14. With the ubiquity of texting, conversations between partners can get a little lazy after a while.

Image 81

15. A gecko of melancholy is goofy enough to contrast with the genuine disappointment of having to leave your loved one for the day.

Image 78

16. Like Tom and Jerry, SpongeBob SquarePants provides plenty of meme-friendly frames. What's more, SpongeBob's nosiness applies perfectly to certain couples.

Image 32

17. Pingu is just as goofy when he's upset as when he is happy. To some people, seeing their partners pout lightheartedly can turn into comedic material.

Image 39

18. Concerning imagery nonetheless, there are times where one partner needs to take risks for the sake of a loved one.

Image 40

19. Over its more than three-decade history, The Simpsons has become ingrained in popular culture, and provided no shortage of memorable quotes that can be applied to any relationship.

Image 41

20. Some of your partner's habits become a lovely, and expected, part your daily life. So, on the rare occasion when he or she forgets, you have to suck it up, buttercup.

Image 85

Relationship Memes to Make Your Partner Laugh

21. Endless support for your special someone, even during the most mundane times, is part of the beauty of being in a relationship.

Image 87

22. Even when you start sharing a bedroom, you don't have to abandon conveniences. No need for blanket fights.

Image 42

23. Our moods can influence what we say and, perhaps just as importantly, how we say it. The thing is, a bad mood can pass quickly, but the fallout from poorly chosen words? That can take a bit longer.

Relationship bad mood 1024x981

24. The intensity of what your heart might feel during these situations is perfectly reflected through exaggerated cartoon poses.

Image 99

25. Even when you're single, the relatability of turmoil in relationships can get to you..

Image 44

26. When one person in a couple is used to being the driver, a role reversal may prove more challenging than expected.

Image 45

27. If the smiling tree frogs can endure the heat while expressing joy, then so can you in the most affectionate of times.

Image 86

28. Another smiling frog mirrors the support a good partner will provide for your significant other's interests -- no matter how little you understand them.

Image 46

29. A passive person can easily complement their boisterous counterpart in times of need.

Image 47

30. Most people have probably experienced your partner's indifference when you're assembling the potential choices for a night out.

Image 100

31. The sign of a good relationship indeed, fun harmless pranks and all.

Image 88

32. Goofy lizards return in another representation of eccentric affection exclusive to your romantic relationship.

Image 73

33. This is one of the most literal uses of emojis in the history of texting.

Image 48

34. If hedonistic impulses are too strong, then perhaps the single life is the best way to live.

Image 49

35. Never has there been a quicker way of proving the other party right during an argument.

Image 50

36. Frogs and toads can reflect the human experience in unexpected way, as these memes have shown. This one is a reminder that, sometimes, the only fish in the sea for you is your current partner.

Image 74

37. A Bob Marley quote may might encourage men to avoid the shallow traps imposed by our culture, and the expectations that come with romance.

Image 51

38. A symbol of love is right in front of you, as you start your day.

Image 101

39. Mike Wazowski is a charmer in Monsters, Inc., and his romantic side has clearly spoken to the millions who have seen the film.

Image 77

40. Sometimes, the same memes show up so frequently that a break is necessary to keep them fresh.

Image 89

Memes for Your Boyfriend

41. Height differences in relationships can make for a unique cuddling experience.

Image 52

42. Even when one party is frustrated, the true colors of a blossoming relationship quickly reemerge as they regain composure.

Image 91

43. The dominance of video games tends to make us forget about other commitments, much to the dismay of our loved ones.

Image 92

44. One of the best ways to be a supportive partner is to provide your loved one with the self-esteem they never thought they had.

Image 53

45. Yes, phones can spark light jealousy, especially when you pay a little more attention to the screen than to the person beside you.

Image 93

46. Another variation of the meme about easily proving a point about your partner’s flaws.

Image 54 1024x683

47. We hear all our lives that actions speak louder than words. Just as in most situations, that tends to be true in relationships.

Image 55

48. This may be a strange meme to share when you're not single. However, it can be read in an ironic light after finally finding that relationship you thought you would never get.

Image 56

49. You might even want to share the memes in this article to make your partner laugh. But this one, in particular, may cheer them up during their busiest time of day.

Image 90

50. Just because you may be displeased with each other now doesn't mean the spark is gone.

Image 72

Funny Girlfriend Memes

51. Everyone has that one moment when they're confident about a point, only to be proved wrong.

Image 94

52. The random expression of one’s insecurities can come at the most inappropriate time.

Image 95

53. In an attempt to be generous to your significant other, you may disappoint yourself by losing out on the treat you wanted.

Image 57

54. Another way for a meme to turn an Everyman Muppet like Kermit the Frog into a sufferer of universal woes.

Image 58

55. Even all the self-affirmed gamers in the world might find someone who can accommodate their dream scenario -- and even join the fun.  

Image 102

56. Overestimating the time it takes to get home is a mistake we all make. However, sometimes, the delay of your partner’s arrival can prove itself to be worrisome.

Image 76

57. If your significant other fancies French fries, they may order more on your behalf, if only to eat your leftover portion.

Image 59

58. The inevitable results of connecting with a person on such intimate levels, and possibly inhabiting the same space as them.

Image 60

59. It can be a little jolting when your partner refers to you by your name, rather than "hon" or "babe." But your significant other using your full name? That's like being scolded by your parents.

Image 61

60. One person's "crazy" is another's "eccentric." But the Michael Myersi and Jason Voorhees costumes can earn a chuckle from horror enthusiasts.

Image 75

61. Valentine’s Day passes quickly, and can be easy enough to forget. So, getting gifts for your loved one at the last minute can be a stressful, but rather common, experience.

Image 62

62. On certain occasions, your tastes in art, culture and media will clash with your significant other’s interests. Sometimes, leaving them to do their own thing is for the best.

Image 63

63. There's a significant difference between what's expected in public and the freedom of your own home.

Image 64

64. Is there anything as satisfying as late-night pizza after a long and tedious day?

Image 65

65. Family events can be awkward and alienating, but the shared experience makes for fun conversations.

Image 66

66. Another example of how we behave in public versus how we are in private.

Image 67

67. A trip can take hours, or even days, to plan out -- and the results may be clumsier than intended.

Image 68

68. A partner's inability to share the sheets while sleeping inevitably lead to one cold person in the relationship.

Image 69

69. Even after already confirming you're not hungry, cravings can make something irresistible.

Image 111

70. To round it off, here is a representation of how one partner can be overprotective.

Image 112


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