While Christopher Walken is a well-known and beloved actor, little is known about his wife Georgianne and their enduring marriage.

Christopher Walken may be one of the most recognizable actors out there, if not by face then at least by voice. But his biggest accomplishment may not be as well-known, his 54-year adorable and inspiring marriage to wife Georgianne.

After half a century together, the couple is still giving off major relationship goals.

Christopher Walken the Actor

Christopher Walken in The Anderson Tapes
The Anderson Tapes (1971) / IMDB

Christopher Walken started out as a child actor, wowing audiences with his precocious talent and stealing the show in stage productions and TV shows. Fast forward to the 1970s, and Walken is making his mark in Hollywood with his unforgettable performances in films like Annie Hall, The Deer Hunter, and Catch Me If You Can.  He’s that guy who can effortlessly switch from playing a suave and charming dancer to a tough-as-nails Vietnam War veteran, winning an Oscar along the way with his undeniable talent.

But Walken doesn’t stop there. He goes on to defy genre boundaries, appearing in everything from comedies to crime thrillers to action flicks. With his enigmatic presence and offbeat characters, he became a pop culture icon.

Walken’s performance in Sleepy Hollow is also notable for his ability to convey emotion and motivation despite the character’s lack of… a head. Through his physicality and facial expressions, he portrays the Horseman’s anger, rage, and determination to seek revenge, making the character a compelling and formidable antagonist.

Walken’s Quite the Dancer

Christopher Walken dancing in Fat Boy Slim video.
“Weapon of Choice”/ Fatboy Slim

Christopher Walken – the man, the myth, the legend – has proven time and time again that he is a truly talented performer. His iconic appearance in the music video for Fatboy Slim’s hit song Weapon of Choice is a pop culture phenomenon that has been widely praised for its creativity and Walken’s dancing skills.

The video’s choreography and Walken’s flawless execution earned it critical acclaim and numerous awards, including six MTV Video Music Awards. Walken’s unexpected moves and charismatic presence in the music video have made it one of the most memorable and beloved music videos of all time.

Who Is Christopher Walken’s Wife?

Christopher Walken and wife Georgianna posing on the red carpet.
Jim Spellman / Getty Images

Georgianne Walken is a casting director who has worked on numerous films and television shows. She has been in the entertainment industry for over 30 years and has cast actors for some of the biggest movies in Hollywood. 

Some say an actor’s skills alone are not enough to make a great movie. Here’s where Georgianne’s skills come forward. Sometimes it’s not about choosing the best actors to play a role, but the right ones. That’s why movies like Goodfellas, The Sopranos, and The Wolf of Wall Street made it big, while some films featuring an impressive ensemble cast fell short in terms of quality.

Georgianne has worked with many acclaimed directors such as Martin Scorsese, Oliver Stone, and Quentin Tarantino. She is widely known for her ability to spot talent and has helped launch the careers of many young actors.

In addition to her work in casting, Georgianne has also appeared in a few films herself. She had a small role in the film The Sentinel and also appeared in an episode of the TV show Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Despite her successful career, Georgianne largely stayed out of the spotlight. She has been married to Christopher Walken for over five decades, and the couple is known for a strong and happy marriage.

When Christopher Walken and Georgianne Met

Christopher and Georgianne Walken have been married since January 1969. They met when they were both relatively unknown actors in New York City in the late 1960s. And if there is one thing Walken knows is how gorgeous she was and is today.

She was a fox. She is a fox. We loved each other right away.

Christopher Walken about his now-wife Georgianne, in his book Christopher Walken A to Z: The Man, the Movies, the Legend.

After they got married, Georgianne pursued a career in casting while Christopher pursued his acting career. They both found success in their respective fields, and their work often intersected. Georgianne has cast Christopher in several movies, including The Deer Hunter, Pulp Fiction, and Catch Me If You Can. She obviously made the right choice by casting her hubby in these films.

Despite the pressures of Hollywood and the entertainment industry, Christopher and Georgianne have managed to maintain a strong and lasting marriage. They are known for keeping their private life out of the public eye and rarely give interviews or make public appearances together.

Walken doesn’t talk much about his marriage, but in an interview on the Red Carpet the actor said, “We just got lucky. It’s a crazy business, and somehow we found each other and made it work. We’ve been together a long time, and it just gets better every day.”

Christopher and Georgianne Walken Never Had Children

Christopher Walken and Denzel Washington in man on Fire eating lunch,
Man on Fire/IMDB

Although Christopher Walken has had a successful career in Hollywood, one aspect has held him back from becoming a father. In a conversation with the casting director of Entourage, Christopher shared that his work in show business is one reason why he and his wife Georgianne chose not to have children

Nevertheless, they have found joy in being “parents” in a different way. As Christopher revealed in an interview in April 2016, he is a devoted cat dad to his furry friend Bowtie. He even gives him different names, such as Flapjack, Bowtie, or Popcorn and he admits that he often calls him by the simple name “Hey you, cat.”

While a little too blunt for some people’s tastes, the actor stated in an interview with  The Hollywood Foreign Press, “And I’m glad that I don’t have children. I have two brothers and they have plenty of children, they come to my house and I am always very glad when they leave.”

Although Christopher has never become a father in real life, he has portrayed various paternal roles throughout his acting career, including father, grandfather, and uncle. 

All in All, They Only Needed Each Other

Christopher Walken in clown wig on Saturday Night Live
Christopher Walken, Nora Dunn, and Jan Hooks on Saturday Night Live /IMDB

Their enduring marriage, which has spanned over 50 years, is a testament to the fact that a strong relationship requires effort, dedication, and a willingness to work through challenges and difficult times. 

Despite their busy and demanding careers in the entertainment industry, the couple has prioritized their relationship and continued to support and love each other through thick and thin.

Christopher Walken and Georgianne’s marriage is #relationshipgoals! They keep their lives as private as possible, communicate openly, support each other’s careers, and find joy in the little things (like hanging out with their cat, Bowtie). Lesson learned, Mr. Walken! Keep it real, respect each other, and always make time for pets!