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George Lucas - Do What's Inside You

George Lucas - Do What's Inside You

George Lucas explains how following what's inside of you will eventually lead to your passion.


I realized that I was following, everything I did, I was following something I really cared about. Something I loved, something I was passionate about, and I kept following that passion, whether it was cars, whether it was anthropology, whether it was art, photography. And eventually, it led me to my huge passion, my real passion, which was making movies, which combined all of those things. And I realized that had I gone on to get my degree in anthropology, I would have probably made anthropological movies in New Guinea or someplace, and eventually been on National Geographic and the History Channel and been making features and I'd have done Star Wars just the same. If I'd have gone to Art Center and become an illustrator, I would've probably started doing animation and doing animated films and making animated things, and ultimately, I would have gone on and been right where I was. So, no matter which route I took, because I cared about all of them, they all led to the same place. Had I done what my father had wished me to do, which is to go into the office equipment business with him, which I knew I wasn't gonna do, I knew I hated that. My life would've been unpleasant. And so I think it's very important not to do what your peers think you should do. Not do what your parents think you should do, or your teachers, but to do what you inside, or even your culture thinks, but do what's inside you.

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