Good news you may have missed last week

Good news you may have missedThe internet can be a wonderful place.

As an antidote to the negativity of mainstream media, we’ve made it our mission to bring to you the most inspiring trending news we find on the net. From real life heroes to uplifting celebrity news, we’re covering all that’s good in the world — and there’s a lot out there.

This is our collection of uplifting news, inspiring acts of kindness, and feel good articles from the previous week that you might have missed. Make sure to check back every Monday to start your week off on the right note.

Most uplifting news: October 8 – 14, 2018

>> October 12: Hero of the Week: How One Woman Is Changing the Lives of People Experiencing Homelessness

Winter is fast approaching and while a lot of us are fortunate enough to turn up our thermostats during a cold snap, for people experiencing homelessness, it’s exceptionally challenging to stay warm, let alone survive. But one New Jersey native is determined to help out in the best way possible. See how 26-year-old Adina Lichtman is making a difference and how you can help.


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>> October 12: 500-Pound Man Loses Over Half His Body Weight Thanks to the Support of an Old Love

Gary Hall struggled with his weight his entire life, but when he couldn’t get his dream job because of it, he decided to finally take charge of his health, once and for all. After reuniting with an old flame that showed unrelented support, Gary was finally ready to transform his habits and his life, losing 300 pounds in the process and staying persistent regardless of setbacks.

>> October 11: Five Minutes With: KYLE, the Rapper and Actor Fighting Toxic Masculinity Through Music

You probably know KYLE from Netflix Original The After Party or from top tracks like iSpy or Playinwitme, but what you probably don’t know about the rapper and actor is that his high school years were some of the most trying times he had ever experienced. These days, he’s far from the shy, bullied kid from his formative years. In fact, he has made it his mission to inspire kids today to accept themselves and others, and to fight toxic masculinity in the locker room.


>> October 11: 21 Celebrities Share Their Personal Struggle With Mental Illness, Inspire Us With Their Bravery

While struggling with a mental illness is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, the stigmas are still vividly present — from its representation in pop culture to the very language we use unintentionally. That’s why we applaud these 21 celebrities who are using their platform for good — to advocate for mental health awareness and to bravely step forward and choose to put their struggle out there for the world to see.


>> October 9: How This Successful Chef Turned Tragedy Into an Incredibly Inspiring Breakthrough

With the mission of making vegan food mainstream, celebrity chef Dave Anderson has achieved incredible, professional success as an Executive Chef, restaurant owner and more recently as co-founder of Outstanding Foods. But his road to success was no easy ride, and Dave has to overcome unimaginable tragedies, on both personal and professional levels.

Most uplifting news: October 1 – 7, 2018

>> October 4: Surgeon Goes Viral For Sewing Up 8-Year-Old Boy’s Teddy Bear After Operation

Heading into the hospital for surgery can be a scary event at any age. But for Jackson McKie, an 8-year-old living with a cyst on his brain and a chronic condition called hydrocephalus, hospital visits are common place. Like most kids his age, Jackson brought his favorite teddy bear into the operating room with him, and when he asked his doctor, Daniel McNeely to stitch up his arm, the neurosurgeon couldn’t say no. In fact, he went the extra mile and took very good care of the little furry patient, to Jackson’s delight.


>> October 3: Elizabeth Gilbert Says Writing New Novel Was a ‘Tonic’ After Losing Her Partner to Cancer, Inspires Us With Her Resilience

Elizabeth Gilbert became famous when using her self-expression as a form of therapy. The Eat, Pray, Love author rose to fame after her book and movie detailing her breakup and self discovery. But the next chapter of her life is more bittersweet. She is now grieving after recently losing her partner to cancer, but she said she’s still seeking joy. Read the full story to see how her new novel is supporting her on her path to recovery after the tragic loss.

Most uplifting news: September 24 – 30, 2018

>> September 28: Man Loses Over 150 Pounds Thanks to the Generosity of Strangers, Shows Us the Importance of a Support Network

After he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and hypertension, his doctor recommended Gonzales either join weight loss classes or consider surgery, in an effort to get his health back on track. Confronted with reality, Gonzales knew something had to give. A few days later, he joined Weight Watchers and embarked on a transformation journey that would test his willpower in ways he’d never been challenged before.

>> September 26: Teenage Girl Finds Out Beyonce And Jay-Z Are Giving Her A $100K College Scholarship

For most people, being in the crowd for Beyonce and Jay-Z’s On The Run II tour would be more than enough to make their day. However, one teenage girl had a bit more to get excited about — to the tune of $100,000. Make sure to watch Mikayla’s reaction to the unexpected scholarship donation. beyonce-jay-z-scholarship

>> September 24: Teenager Survives 49 Days Alone at Sea on a ‘Fishing Hut,’ Teaches Us a Powerful Lesson in Resilience

The harrowing story of Aldi Novel Adilang, a teenager from Sulawesi, Indonesia, made rounds on the internet this week. He was working on a floating fishing hut at sea when heavy winds snapped the hut’s moorings and he was sent adrift into the ocean. But the good news is that Adilang was determined to reach land despite unsurmountable odds. Read the full article to see how he survived alone at sea for 49 days.


Most uplifting news: September 17 – 23, 2018

>> September 19: He May Be the Biggest Name in Music Today, but Justin Bieber’s Manager Was Once Paying for His Dinners with Quarters

Contrary to popular myth, Justin didn’t become a music sensation overnight. It took the backbone and belief of a man named Scooter Braun to make it happen. But for the thirty-seven-year-old entertainment mogul, life wasn’t always so affluent. Before Scooter discovered Bieber on YouTube, he was a college student who had dropped out after a year-and-a-half.

>> September 19: Ariana Grande Is Taking Time off to ‘Mend and Heal,’ Shows Us the Importance of Self Care

Ariana Grande has had a lot going on lately, from exciting career developments, to a new romance, to some devastating personal losses. It should be no surprise, then, that she’s decided she needs a bit of a break. Following the horrifying loss of ex-boyfriend, rapper Mac Miller, Ariana decided to take a step back, inspiring many others along the way to deal with their own struggles in a healthy way.

>> September 17: Hurricane Florence Hero Volunteer Rescues Abandoned Dogs Moments Before They Drown in Locked Cage

Historic storming and floods hit North Carolina late last week and over the weekend, and while people were encouraged to evacuate their homes and get to higher, dry land, some of those who did choose to leave, left their pets behind. But the good news is that our heroes, a group of volunteers, went in and saved lives, including these six dogs that would have otherwise drowned after being left in a cage as the water rose.


Most uplifting news: September 10 – 16, 2018

>> September 14: Paramedics Go Viral for Stopping to Get Ice Cream for Dying Man, Show the Power of Random Acts of Kindness

Ron McCartney, of Queensland, Australia, was dying of prostate cancer, and was in so much pain he’d mostly stopped eating. Last week, his wife Sharon called the Queensland Ambulance Service to take Ron to the hospital, where he’d be placed in hospice care for his final days. This is when this sad story got sweet. When the wife told the paramedics that her husband had mostly stopped eating, Kate Hanafy and Hanna Hoswell decided to do something special for him.Elderly-man-gets-ice-cream

>> September 13: Jeff Bezos Commits $2 Billion to Help Homeless and Launch Preschools, Surprises Us With His Incredible Generosity

Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world, with a net worth estimated at about $150 billion. But that doesn’t matter as much as what he decides to do with the money. And this week, he traded tech innovation and shaping the future of shopping for far better good deeds, meant to shape the “here and now”.

>> September 12: Will Smith Shares Story of His Father Confronting a Murderer, Blows Us Away With His Raw Emotion

Celebrated for both for his talent on-screen and his genuine down-to-earth spirit off-screen, Will Smith continuously draws us in with his kindness, openness, and great sense of humor. This time, he touched us with an incredible story of how his father stood up to a real-life villain, passing along a valuable lesson he had learned from his father — that helped shape the incredible person he was to become.

>> September 11: This Little Known Story of Steve Buscemi and 9/11 Completely Blew Us Away

He may be an acclaimed actor, but following the 9/11 tragedy, Steve Buscemi was quick to go back to his roots — after serving as a firefighter for the FDNY in the early ’80s. When Buscemi became aware of what had happened to the Twin Towers, his firefighting instinct kicked right in. He spent the subsequent week doing 12-hour shifts to help his former colleagues at the firehouse try and locate bodies of missing people despite the fact that he hadn’t a firefighter for nearly two decades.


Most uplifting news: September 3 – 9, 2018

>> September 9: Outpouring of Tributes Follow Mac Miller’s Sudden Death and It’s a Reminder to Support People Struggling with Addiction

Rapper Mac Miller was young and at the top of his craft when he suddenly died at age 26 in what was said to be an apparent drug overdose. In the day following his devastating loss, Twitter and Instagram was overcome with tributes, make sure to read through some of the most touching ones.

>> September 7: 15-Pound Beagle’s Loyalty Saves Young Girl from Kidnapper, Teaches Us a Universal Lesson in Bravery

It was supposed to be an uneventful day in Pasadena, Texas. Ray, a cute-as-a-button beagle mix was out for his walk, enjoying his time out-and-about. Walking him was one of his many human buds, an 11-year-old girl, part of his extended human family. But things took a dark turn when a stranger tried to kidnap the young girl. And while Ray may weigh only 15 pounds, the 2-year-old pup bravely jumped in with all he had, and bit the attacker.


>> September 6: Police Officer Adopts Newborn Baby of Homeless Woman Battling Drug Addiction 

Officer Jesse Whitten works for the Santa Rosa Police Department, and would often encounter a homeless pregnant woman in the streets while patrolling. On one patrol, Whitten’s wife Ashley, was with him and started to chat with the pregnant woman, quickly bonding. A few months later — on Valentine’s Day! — the Whittens received a phone call explaining that the woman had given birth and had asked if Ashley and Jesse would adopt the newborn. And adopt they did. Make sure to read the entire story.

Most uplifting news in August 2018

>> August 31: Star Wars Icon Stands Up For Bullied Boy Who Chose Not to Fight Back, as It’s ‘Not the Jedi Way’

When a bullied 10-year-old publicly said that he will not retaliate against his bullies because “It’s not the Jedi way”, Mark Hamill (otherwise known as the real-life Luke Skywalker) went on Twitter and stood up for the little Star Wars fan in a most inspiring way.

>> August 30: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Sends Message of Hope to Grieving Teen Who Lost His Mom in a Car Crash

After Angelo Pizarro tragically lost his mother (a big Dwayne Johnson fan) and sister in a fatal car crash, he reached out on Twitter to get the action star to say his mother’s name for the funeral. But Angelo’s touching story struck a chord with the wrestling and film star, so The Rock did far more than that.

>> August 27: This Awe-Inspiring Couple’s Love Story Started With Lifesaving CPR First Kiss

For most new couples, a first kiss is something equal parts exhilarating and nerve-wracking, spontaneous but also meticulously mulled over. For Andi Traynor and Max Montgomery, however, it was more than exhilarating, it was  — quite literally — life-changing, as Andi luckily had the medical training necessary to help Montgomery as he suffered a cardiac arrest. Their love story was then ready to begin.

>> August 27: The Way Arnold Schwarzenegger Responded to a Depressed Fan is a Powerful Lesson in Empathy

Known as one of the most active celebrities on Reddit, Arnold Schwarzenegger was quick to intervene when a depressed fan reached out to him, asking for a push from his idol to get back his motivation and start working out again. Arnie responded with gentle encouragements, sparking an outcry of support from fellow redditors in the process.


>> August 24: Pink Stops Concert to Comfort Teen Who Lost Her Mom, Teaches Us an Inspiring Lesson in Compassion

As Pink was performing a show at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre as part of her tour in Australia, she noticed a sign in the audience being held by a young teen, Leah Murphy, who had recently lost her mom, asking for a hug. What happened next will surely bring you to tears.

>> August 22: Bill Gates Shares the Inspiring Lessons He Learned from America’s “Teacher of the Year”

Gates recently met with the United States’ 2018 “national teacher of the year,” Mandy Manning, who garnered the title for her work teaching English to newly arrived refugee students at the Newcomer Center at Joel E. Ferris High School in Spokane, Washington. Here’s what he learned from their exchange.

>> August 10: 80-Year-Old Saves Drowning Child, Only to Realize He Also Rescued His Father 30 Years Prior

On the morning of August 3rd, Xu and his wife’s peace was suddenly broken when they heard frantic cries for help from the river. They both rushed out to see what was happening and found an 8-year-old boy who was barely staying above the water. Not content with simply pulling the boy from the water, the couple couldn’t help but wonder if he was OK. Xu went to the hospital to see if the 8-year-old was doing better and got a massive surprise: he knew the boy’s father, because he had rescued him from the same river some 30 years prior.

>> August 8: Hero Postal Worker Saves Young Girl from Sex Trafficking – What Happens Next is Beautiful 

Crystal Allen is just 16 years old; she was kidnapped and held captive in a world of sex trafficking in Sacramento, until a postal carrier by name of Ivan Crisostomo heard her crying while on his mail route. With Crisostomo’s help, the girl was able to call home to her family, and then he stayed with her until police officers arrived.

>> August 6: Demi Lovato Makes First Statement Following Apparent Overdose, Shows She’s Strong and Persevering

We’ve been keeping close track of Demi Lovato’s journey with addiction and recovery. A few weeks after she was hospitalized for an apparent drug overdose, she seems to be on the mend and looking forward to stronger, healthier days ahead. This past weekend, she spoke out for the first time after her relapse, by posted a statement on her Instagram thanking her friends and fans and family for their support.

>> August 3: Teacher Raises $130K to Help Abandoned LGBTQ Teen Head to College 

Going to college was 18-year-old Seth Owen’s lifelong dream. He was always reading, learning, participating in extracurriculars and helping others whenever he could. Back home though, things were far from peaceful or happy. But when Jane Martin, a biology teacher who taught Owen during his freshman year and mentored him through college, found out about his struggles, she also found a way to send Seth off to college.

>> August 3: The Youngest Person to Visit Every Country Wants to Give You all his Air Miles – Here’s the Inspiring Reason Why

James Asquith holds the Guinness World Record for becoming the youngest person to travel to all 196 countries by the age of 24. After accumulating years of Air Miles, he has chosen to give away every single one in an Instagram contest. He says the purpose of the giveaway is to inspire more people to take the leap and travel and discover their passion, just like he did.


>> August 2: This Terminally Ill Boy Enjoying his Dying Wish Teaches Us a Powerful Lesson on Gratitude

Pablito was a a 10-year-old boy from Mexico who was diagnosed with leukaemia. His one lifelong dream was to see the ocean, but with two unsuccessful bone marrow transplants and the costs of treatment, it seemed like the day would never come. Pablito sadly passed away, but he did so with the memory of that wish being fulfilled.

>> August 1: Dad Works 3 Jobs and Extra Shifts to Surprise Daughter with Perfect Dress

When 14-year-old Nevaeha Smith fell in love with a $200 that she wanted to wear for a school dance, she knew there was no way her family could afford it. Her father was already working 3 jobs to support the family; but he was determined to do whatever it takes to make his daughter happy. And happy she was — make sure to watch the video in the article, showing her reaction when her dad surprises her with the dress.


>> August 1: LeBron James Opens Innovative New Public School in his Hometown, Says It’s One of the Most Important Accomplishments of his Life

LeBron James has always been notorious for giving back to his community in any way he can. Motivated by his formative years, the NBA superstar was been driven to open an innovative public school to serve low-income and at-risk students in his hometown of Akron, Ohio.