One woman’s kindness brought an unexpected response that reminds us that massive life moments often come in small gestures.

*This story was originally posted on the Love What Matters Facebook on 12th January 2016

How many times do we decide against helping out someone down on their luck, figuring it won’t make a difference? If you’re among them, hearing Casey Fischer’s story is sure to change your mind.

Posting on ‘Love What Matters,’ she recalled heading to ‘Dunkin’ Donuts’ when she spotted a homeless man at the side of the road, counting change. As they both entered, she tried striking up a conversation with him — with little success.

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“Eventually I saw him stroll into Dunkin’, as he was counting his change to buy something, I began to get super annoying and talked to him over and over again even when he didn’t really want to talk.”

That’s when she did something that would literally change the course of his life.

How One Woman’s Small Gesture Saved a Homeless Man’s Life

cup of coffee
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Seeing that the man had just $1 in change gave Fischer the motivation to buy him a coffee and a bagel, even inviting him to sit down with her.

The man — named Chris —  opened up about how people treat him badly because he is homeless, saying how he just wants to “be someone his mom would be proud of.”

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However, he shared how drugs had turned him “into the person he hated,” how he had lost his mother to cancer and how he never knew his dad. Fischer was touched.

Chris was one of the most honest & sincere people I’ve ever met.

Casey Fischer

After an hour, Fischer realized that she had to go to class, and said goodbye to her new friend.

That’s when Chris asked her if he could write something down for her. Nothing could prepare her for what she would read.

What a Homeless Man Wrote in His Surprising Note

When Fischer opened the note, its words left her speechless.

I wanted to kill myself today. Because of u, I now do not. Thank u, beautiful person.


She shared her story online, including a picture of Chris’s note. The post went viral with over a million likes, 320k shares and over 37k comments. Many comments were from others opening up about their own struggles of being on the streets.

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“I am homeless, have been since last year, I was staying under a 275 overpass for 2 weeks,” wrote one.

One mom gave a story of hope, posting that she “left an abusive situation and for almost 3 years I was homeless and without my two kids; I got a job, my own place, and got my kids back.”

How One Woman Proved That Small Acts of Kindness Can Change Lives

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Another commenter put a beautiful bow on this story, writing:

You never know what an impact an act of kindness may have on another person no matter how small it may seem to you. Do good in the world and small things may make a huge difference.


By daring to reach out and ‘annoy’ Chris, Casey Fischer gave him the greatest gift: Purpose and a message that his life and his story, brings value to the world. It’s not a stretch to say that that moment was the start of a whole new chapter in his life.

Who knows, our next success story might feature, a man named Chris whose revival started when one day, someone cared enough to connect.

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