YouTube star Jamie Nyland gave his dad Richard the surprise of a lifetime – and filmed it.

Buying a house is a lifelong dream for many people, and not everyone has the privilege to realize it.

And the moment when you pay off your mortgage after years of monthly payments is a true celebration.

So, can you imagine someone you love paying off your entire mortgage for you? YouTube star Jamie Nyland surprised his dad Richard by telling him he did just that.

Jamie, 24 shared a video showing the poignant moment on his TikTok channel. In the video, Jamie walks into his dad’s bedroom with the keys to the home.

The surprise of a lifetime

His dad, confused, asks: “Why did you give me them for?”

“I’ve just paid off your mortgage,” Jamie replies. “I’ve just rung the bank and paid off every single penny left on your mortgage.”

“You now own this whole house. I swear. You’ve worked your whole life so now you can actually retire.”


At first, Richard thinks his son is pranking him. When he realizes that Jamie is being serious, he breaks into tears.

An emotional reaction

“You’re the best son in the world you can have,” Richard says before giving the keys back to his son. “It’s in the will. The house is yours — what’s mine is yours.”

“I love you so much. You paid off my mortgage, I’ve put you in my will. You retire me for life so I’ve set you up for life.”

The end of video is captioned with an “I love you Dad.

The power of a father-son relationship

Not only is this an amazing gift and gesture, but it also highlights the power of a beautiful relationship between a father and his son: Mutual support, sacrifice and gratitude. Jamie was able to afford paying his father’s mortgage. He used his success to show appreciation to the man who raised him. And his dad was planning on leaving the home to his son no matter what. You can tell that regardless of their financial situation, they both had each other’s back.

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