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Why Kirstie Alley’s Love of Her Life Was Always John Travolta - And Why It Matters
John Travolta and Kirstie Alley

Why Kirstie Alley’s Love of Her Life Was Always John Travolta - And Why It Matters

Actress Kristie Alleys platonic relationship with Saturday Night Fevers John Travolta was once referred to as the greatest love of her life.

Kristie Alley, best known for her work in Cheers and Look Who’s Talking, passed away at the age of 71 on Dec. 5. Alley’s children True and Lillie Parker posted to Twitter with a statement that read “we are sad to inform you that our incredible, fierce and loving mother has passed away after a battle with cancer, only recently discovered.”

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Her breakout role, Cheers, earned Alley an Emmy Award and a Golden Globe in 1991. Paving the way for American sitcom, Alley yet again charmed viewers with her role as Mollie Ubriacco in the 1980’s rom-com Look Who’sTalking. Starring alongside John Travolta who played James Ubriacco, the two formed an unparalleled relationship on screen and off.

A Love Interest Formed On Screen

Kristie Alley and John Travolta in Look Who's Talking.
Kristie Alley and John Travolta in Look Who's Talking.

The chemistry for one another began decades ago while filming. In the film, Mollie (played by Kirstie Alley), a single mother determined to raise her son on her own unexpectedly falls in love with a cab driver.

Cue to the heartwarming comedic twist.

The cab driver, played by Travolta, is the man driving Mollie to the hospital while she is in labour. As rom-coms go, the two fall madly in love and devote their lives to raising a family together.

But this relationship stretched further than a scripted on-set romance. In real life, Alley was falling in love as quickly as her character Mollie. Unintentionally building an unshakeable love, the two were forced to admire each other from afar.

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"I did love him; I still love him," she said at the time. "If I hadn't been married, I would've gone and married him and I would've been in an airplane because he has his own plane,” Alley said on an episode with Big Brother U.K. in 2018.

With a love so strong, one can’t help but wonder why Alley did not pursue her love interest. Well, it wasn’t because Travolta didn’t feel the same way. In fact, he shared the same admiration for the actress. The reason was because the actor had already tied with knot with American actress Kelly Preston.

Kristie Alley And John Travolta Remained Soulmates For Life

Kirstie Alley and Ted Danson acting in Cheers.
Kirstie Alley and Ted Danson in Cheers (1982 - 1993)

Alley herself said “I do” with ex-husband Parker Stevenson in 1983. She admitted it took years to not look at her co-star as a romantic interest.

"[It was] the hardest decision I've ever made because I was madly in love with him — we were fun and funny together," said Alley. "It wasn't a sexual relationship because I'm not going to cheat on my husband.”

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While the relationship remained platonic, the Cheers actress said what she did was considered even worse. She remained devoted to her husband but held onto an indescribable forbidden love.

“When you get on the road and you’re doing a movie, it’s very easy to fall in love with your leading man,” she gushed. “For a year, you’re around this person. … It’s just hard, I think,” she said.

John Travolta Remembers His Co-Star As A Dear Friend And More

The two may have not been a couple on paper but their mutual love for one another is one to be admired. A true story of two soulmates that could have had an extraordinary life together but chose to remain true to their spouses.

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Grieving the loss of his dear friend, Travolta posted to Instagram with a photo of Alley and a message that read “Kirstie was one of the most special relationships I’ve ever had. I love you Kirstie. I know we will see each other again.”

He concluded his farewell with a video posted on his social media page of the two performing “The Dance of Love.” A young Alley dressed in a shimmering floor length gown seals a kiss with the dapper Travolta.

Staying True To Themselves and Their Partners

On set, the two shared a deep love but in real life, they remained loyal to their respective partners. Suppressing an overwhelming feeling of love, Alley and Travolta loved one another in the only way possible -- as great friends.

Even though the two never realized their love story, their bond over the years proves they were soulmates on a different level. Many of us have different people we love who come in and out of our lives. Despite overwhelming feelings for one another, it serves to show what true love really means - it doesn't strive to harm or hurt others to achieve its goal. And it doesn't have to be fight time or distance.


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