When violence threatened a family’s most precious possession, a perfect stranger did not hesitate to jump in and save the day.

As a mother, it’s one thing to wonder if your child will be okay as they make their own way in the world, but it’s entirely another matter to see their lives being threatened in real-time, just feet away from you.

This was exactly what happened at Mamie Ugwuanyi’s ‘Amazing Styles & Beauty Supply’ in Iowa.

Two assailants wearing hoodies barged into the store brandishing guns and ordering everyone to the ground, including Ugwuanyi’s daughter Victoria, who recalled the events to KCCI.

“I saw behind them they had a gun,” she said.

Angel in aisle two

Vulnerable, Victoria saw her saving grace, Heather Correy, who had been thrown to the ground next to her. Seeing Victoria activated Heather’s motherly instincts.

“She said, ‘Hey come down here.’ Then she covered me,” Victoria remembers.

Without thinking twice, Correy, threw herself over the child, acting as a human shield. Fortunately, the suspects fled the scene leaving everyone unharmed. They’re still at large and are suspected of other robberies in the area.


Correy and the Ugwuanyi’s had a chance to reunite after that frightening evening. Suffice to say, she was greeted by one beaming mom who can’t thank her enough.

She is my heart- a blessing to me. Being protected by another mother…it touched me a lot.

Mamie Ugwuanyi

Meanwhile, a shy Victoria said, “Thanks for saving me.”

Victoria’s relieved father added, “I thank her for covering my daughter and giving her the courage and for protecting her from those wicked guys.”

Crisis calls for duty

Looking back on that fateful day, Correy said despite the danger, she did what any mother would do in that situation.

It was scary but I felt a need to do that.

Heather Correy

According to a 2019 FBI study, there are over 265,000 armed robberies committed nationwide, with firearms used in just over 40% of them.

That puts scores of innocent kids, like Victoria, in harm’s way. They are our most vulnerable, and can’t usually fend for themselves. That’s when brave moms like Heather are called on to step up and be their shield.

It’s not a job we sign up for, or- let’s be honest- are excited to do. However, it’s a duty- or for Heather, an instinct- to protect on a moment’s notice that compels us to act.

Ask Correy and Ugwuanyi and they’ll tell you that it’s 100% worth it.

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When we come together, we can thwart any threat.