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McDonald's Denies a Homeless Woman a Cup of Water - And Then a Stranger Steps in
stranger helps homeless woman who was denied water at McDonalds
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McDonald's Denies a Homeless Woman a Cup of Water - And Then a Stranger Steps in

In a story that will make us all think twice before walking by someone down on their luck, one man shows us all what a real Happy Meal is.

Jonathan Pengelly of Cardiff, Wales was doing what we've all done countless times. After a night out with his buddies, he stopped by McDonald's for some late-night eats.

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On this night, the lineup was longer than usual. According to The Daily Mail, when Pengelly looked to see what the hold-up was and he couldn't believe his eyes. There was an employee, refusing a warm cup of water to a homeless woman.

How a Homeless Woman's Treatment at McDonald's Led to a Fateful Decision

McDonalds restaurant at night
Photo by Visual Karsa on Unsplash

Posting on Facebook, Pengelly was furious:

I don't know what was going through their minds but a lady, clearly homeless was asking for a basic human right; and for a multi-billion pound company, for them to say no is disgusting!

Jonathan Pengelly

Seeing that the woman -- whose name was Polly -- was weak, Pengelly offered to buy her some food. To his surprise, she only asked for a cheeseburger.

That act would set in motion a night that would leave both of their lives forever changed.

What One Stranger Did to Change a Homeless Woman's Life

Homeless woman lying in the street

Sitting with Polly, Pengelly was so distraught by what he saw that it brought him to tears.

I couldn't just leave this lady go, she was so warming and so lovely. So I sat with her, on the cold hard floor, in the middle of winter and you know what I did? I cried my eyes out.

Jonathan Pengelly

After thinking for a moment, Pengelly made Polly a shocking offer: Would she and her friend like to be his dinner guest? She gladly said yes. There, Pengelly cooked them enough food to last a few nights. He also let them have showers and brush their teeth. 

Pengelly wrote that Polly and her friend told him that, "they have never felt so appreciated in their life."

The two have kept in touch, with Pengelly promising to do everything he can for her, which has included giving her blankets, pillows and food.

Pengelly's post went viral, with 150,000 likes and was shared over 30,000 times.

How a Stranger Showed Caring Costs Less Than a Cup of Water

person holding a cup of water
Photo by Manki Kim on Unsplash

In his closing words, Pengelly wrote that he hopes his story will cause people to rethink how they perceive those on the streets.

If you see someone on the streets, don't look down on them like they're nothing. You don't know what they've been though! Spare a little thought!

Jonathan Pengelly

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With some self-reflection, how many of us are one or two bad turns away from being in Polly's shoes, needing a slice of pizza, or a glass of water? What impact would that small act of kindness have on us?

Maybe keeping that in mind will give us the motivation to warm someone's cup instead of giving them the cold shoulder.

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