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No Way to Go but Up: 3 Things to Remember When You're Down
Nowhere to go but up

No Way to Go but Up: 3 Things to Remember When You're Down

The journey of life is full of winding roads, and these seemingly narrow paths we tread can sometimes lead us to success or failure. Throughout this adventure we will encounter numerous obstacles along the way that will hinder us from moving forward, but it is up to us to decide if we just pack it up and turn back or keep pressing forward to discover what lies ahead.

It can be a challenge to keep our spirits high when things start to fall apart. Your self-esteem is bruised, your thoughts are constantly revolving around the negatives, and you’re having a tough time picking up the pieces. But remember, it’s these very difficult experiences that will make you stronger if you learn to view them from a different perspective.

Nowhere to Go but Up: 3 Things to Remember When You're Down

No Way to Go but Up: 3 Things to Remember When You're Down

When life knocks you down, try to land on your back. Because if you can look up, you can get up.

Les Brown

It’s all about perspective

How we look at things will inevitably affect how we view the world as a whole. Do you see the glass empty or half full? It’s all about perspective, and when you change yours, it will make a huge difference in your life.

One thing that greatly affected how I handled my personal struggles was seeing them as opportunities for growth and as challenges to further improve myself. What are my weaknesses and how do I address them? What possible solutions can I come up with that will help me conquer these tribulations? These questions ignite a fire inside me, and it challenges me to better myself in times of hardships.

Think of it like a whetstone that sharpens your blade every time you are backed up against a wall. Changing your perspective when things look bleak is a daunting challenge in and of itself -- and that’s where you should begin your path to rise up again.

Don’t look down, look up

We often hang our heads in shame whenever we commit a huge mistake or experience a distressing moment, especially when we’re at a low point in our lives. But looking down actually makes things a lot worse because it constantly reminds you that you’re stuck in a rut, convincing you that you have nowhere else to go and that it’s all hopeless.

Once you start to look up, things begin to change. You realize that there’s a way out of the mess you’re currently in and that there is a light above you. The blue, crystal skies are proof that we can escape the dark surroundings we’re in. Whenever I feel down and out, I take my time to look up at the skies and just take a few, deep breaths. It helps me to relax and it gives me hope.

The peacefulness of the white clouds and blue skies are a perfect cure for troubled minds. I found this to be quite soothing because think about it: our urban surroundings are full of distractions -- the stop signs, signal lights, and buildings; the roars of car engines and conversations of people around you. But when you step outside and look up at the sky, the winds blow and the calmness finds you. Sometimes all we need is a moment of solitude to contemplate and figure out what we really need to do.

Think of mistakes as lessons learned

Some of us make the mistake of constantly dwelling on the errors we’ve committed and beating ourselves up because of it. Let’s face it, we’re all humans. We’re bound to make mistakes, and all of us are prone to slip here and there. And once we do commit errors, we tend to regret our decisions. Despite our best efforts, we may fall down sometimes but that’s completely okay.

It’s an empowering thought to look at one’s own mishaps as forms of lesson worth learning, not as mistakes worth regretting. Questions like “How do I avoid making this mistake again?” and “What should I do to make sure I don’t slip and fall next time around?” will train your mind to better yourself so you keep improving as you move forward. Remember that mistakes are lessons learned, and then you won’t have to regret dwelling over your faults when things get rough.

Nowhere to go but up

Just because you’re in a tough spot now doesn’t mean you have to stay there forever. The arrow is pointing upwards so remember this: when you’re down, there’s no other way to go but up. Reach your full potential and overcome each trial that comes your way. Life’s journey doesn’t stop when you stumble upon a road block. Instead, you push your way forward and conquer it.

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