A video posted last year on Tik Tok has gone viral again as it shows Haley Farmer capturing her mother-in-law’s reaction to seeing her grandchild for the first time.

A successful adoption led to being “parents overnight”

Haley Farmer and her husband were on a waiting list with an adoption agency since last July and were devastated to know that the agency was closing down.

The couple thought they would have to wait for months before holding a baby in their arms. However, like a prayer answered, Haley received a surprise call from the agency informing her that she was going to get her baby the “next day.”

From a Couple to a Family

“With this news we just knew it was going to be a long time before we had a baby in our arms,” Haley said.

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 She was told that the birth mother chose her and her husband to adopt her son and that they can take him the next day. A happy and excited Haley had her friends and co-workers to help her welcome the baby while she decided to surprise her mother-in-law.

With everything ready, she showed up at her mother-in-law’s and asked her to come and see her new car. Her mother-in-law’s reaction to the treasured cargo in the backseat was truly priceless and left viewers in tears.

The Video That Went Viral

Parents holding new adoption papers.
Courtesy of Pexels.

Haley posted her mother-in-law’s reaction to Instagram as the surprise of a lifetime.

“Showed up at my mother-in-law’s and told her to come out and look at my new car. She had a huge surprise in the backseat.”

The mother-in-law, Gigi, was overwhelmed with the new addition to the family and can be seen crying and laughing over her new grandson.

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Over the past year, Haley continues to share the cherished moments of her son along with the adoption process to encourage others who might be thinking about adopting but aren’t sure of the process.

After receiving several requests, she posted another adorable video of Little Bowen and his grandmother, Gigi, and it is amazing to see the bond the whole family has created with this little bundle of joy.


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