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Chick-fil-A Employee Tweets About a Heartwarming Elderly Couple Who Made Her Day  The Response She Gets Is Overwhelming
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Chick-fil-A Employee Tweets About a Heartwarming Elderly Couple Who Made Her Day The Response She Gets Is Overwhelming

"The town Im from doesnt even have 20,000 people in it, so for there to be 440,000 people liking this is crazy.

Those who work in the service industry often develop special relationships with customers who become “regulars”. 

These customers come week after week, sharing their personal lives, struggles, and victories with their servers who often become their friends. 

One Chick-fil-A employee, Rachel Curry, developed an amazing relationship with two elderly regulars, David and Millie. The couple would come in all the time and place their order under the name “Maggie”.

Little did anyone know, “Maggie” was about to become a viral sensation for the most heartwarming reason!

Who Was This Mysterious “Maggie”?

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After getting to know them over time, Rachel eventually asked the couple why they always ordered under the name Maggie. Both Millie and David’s faces lit up, and they explained that Maggie Beal was their granddaughter who was a student at North Carolina State University. 

The couple had raised their grandchildren, Maggie and her sister Cat, and were now overflowing with pride thanks to Maggie’s academic success. The two went on and on about how proud they were. 

Rachel was extremely touched by the display of affection, and turned to social media to make some magic happen. She tweeted: “If your name is Maggie, you attend NC State University, and you’re grandparents come to chick-fil-a in mount airy, you should know that they adore you and they were telling me how proud they are of you. They told me you made the Dean’s List, good job girl. Twitter do your thing.”

Twitter Did Its Thing

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Pretty soon news of her grandparents’ kind words reached Maggie at school. She thought it was a cute Tweet and loved her grandparents for gushing over her accomplishments, but she didn’t think much more about it. The tweet, though, had already started to build momentum.

By the time Monday came, Rachel’s tweet had well and truly gone viral. Hundreds of thousands of people were engaging with the tweet and many people were reaching out to congratulate Maggie.

She was touched and tried to get back to everyone, but eventually she just couldn’t handle the volume of messages: "I thought if they went through the trouble of reaching out and congratulating me, I felt like I needed to reciprocate that. It took a while, but I did it. The town I’m from doesn’t even have 20,000 people in it, so for there to be 440,000 people liking this is crazy."

Best Friends Forever

Maggie is so close to her grandparents that she classifies them as her best friends. Of course, she has made friends at school but she would never be where she is today without the support of her family.

She will also forever have a connection to Rachel, who showed her that there is light in the world, and good things to come out of social media.

Her act of kindness towards Maggie snowballed and showed just how much happiness there still is in the world, which is something we can all be excited about.

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