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Twitter User Receives Disgusting Racist Message - How He Responded Completely Shocked The Internet
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Twitter User Receives Disgusting Racist Message - How He Responded Completely Shocked The Internet

Internet trolls are all over Twitter. As proven by Abdul Dremali, however, a little bit of kindness might be all it takes to defeat them...

An unfortunate truth about the internet: it's full of trolls and users who leave mean comments.

But one Twitter user claims he responds to hateful messages by trying to see how fast he can change their mood.

Because when all is said and done, sometimes people on the internet are having rough days and they turn to becoming aggressive and mean online as an outlet.

Unfortunately, minorities are often targeted online and are on the receiving end of nasty comments, trashy responses, and flat-out racism.

But one Twitter user has opted to take the "turn that frown upside approach" and try to change people's moods. And you know what? It works...

How One Twitter User Deals With Hateful and Racist Messages

Twitter user Abdul Dremali, a marketing consultant from Boston, says he often receives rude messages on the platform but uses the simple act of kindness to reverse his fortune.

In a now-viral tweet from 2018, Dremali says his "favourite thing in the world" is responding to hateful messages in order to see how fast he can change his bully's moods.

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He documented one specific heartfelt interaction where he was sent a racist message on Twitter where he was aggressively told to "shut up" and was told to "go back to wherever he came from," coloured in with some unwanted expletives.

How a Racist Internet Comment Turned Into a Truly Heartfelt Interaction

Text racist twitter comment turns heartfelt compliment 1024x569

Dremali not only took the time to calmly respond to the hateful and racist comment from another Twitter user named Michael, the Bostonian opted to take the higher road and offered his bully a compliment.

Specifically, Dremali told Michael he looked "really nice" in his profile photo.

Michael immediately changed course, admitting he's actually "pretty nice" and was just feeling sick, as the reason for his racist outburst.

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What's more, Michael also then complimented Dremali back, saying he liked his facial hair before admitting, "I wish I had some."

Dremali responded with another quick tooth polishing trick and Michael had further questions.

The Twitter User Who's Using Kindness to Make a Difference on the Platform

Text racist twitter comment turns heartfelt compliment  1024x569

Dremali's "favourite thing" trick clearly works. Michael continued to ask the Twitter user where he could purchase his teeth whitening polish and Dremali told him where to get it.

Michael then apologized for having "been rude," and wished Dremali a good night.

"Sleep well homie," responded Dremali, "love u."

In classic reply lingo, Michael said "love u to" and ended with the abbreviation "gn" for "good night."

Once the tweet started to go viral, Dremali shared a selfie of himself with a thumbs up in a Boston Bruins hockey jersey. He said other Twitter users were filling his DMs with "the nicest messages as a response to this."

He admitted that he hasn't spoken to Michael since their heartfelt interaction and believed he changed his name after millions of people on the platform saw his racist outburst.

Even so, Dremali took the high road, handled the interaction like a champ, and even got his bully to change course and give him a compliment in return.

Kindness is so disarming and powerful. All of us know that, but reminders like these sure are helpful.


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