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Controlling Cousin Disinvites Her From Wedding For Being Fat - She Hits Her With Mature Response
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Controlling Cousin Disinvites Her From Wedding For Being Fat - She Hits Her With Mature Response

One bridezilla's antics before her wedding went too far, wherein she hurt people close to her in the name of perfection.

There are countless articles and pop culture references to bridezillas and brides who want to look the best for their wedding day. There are even television shows devoted to the bridal “glow up”. Of course, aesthetics are important, but not more important than celebrating with the people who love and support you. For one TikToker, this proved to be a problem.

Rude request

Lia, whose TikTok handle is @liainlouisiana, posted a video showcasing how far her cousin, the bride, was willing to go to have the “wedding of her dreams." Filming herself eating Chick-fil-A, Lia showed a series of text messages from her cousin, berating her for being fat and unhealthy, and even demoting her from her position of maid of honor because of her weight. The bride told her cousin that she was being generous even letting her stay on as a bridesmaid, given that she “...[didn’t] have any control over [herself] to go on a diet." Throughout the conversation, Lia stayed gracious and kind, even ending the exchange with “Goodnight love you."

I’ve cried all afternoon. I’m uninvited.


Unnecessary escalation

Following her rude attack on Lia’s weight, the bride continued her controlling behavior, telling her cousin to wear a pair of classy shoes to the wedding. Only, the bride was not that polite, insinuating that Lia would don a trashy pair of heels. The bride told her not to wear any “w**re shoes," meaning shoes with glitter, sparkles, or high heels. After the series of horrible messages, Lia posted another TikTok with a devastating update. Apparently, she has been uninvited from the wedding. TikTok users came in droves to uplift Lia, telling her that she did nothing wrong and encouraging her to stand up for herself. 

You guys said I should respect myself and not let people treat me like trash [...] I’m doing my best.

- Lia

The right reasons

Both marriage and weddings can be wonderful. Weddings are a great opportunity to bring together all of your loved ones and celebrate the beginning of new life as a couple. We expect those we ask to be in our bridal party to bring their best selves, emotionally and in how they support us. It’s a lesson we learn as early as primary school: you can be as beautiful as you want on the outside, if you are ugly on the inside you will always be unhappy. We hope the bride in this case eventually learns that lesson, at least for the sake of her marriage! 

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