A Thai immigrant was reunited with his lost parent after getting an interesting Facebook message.

Families are torn apart for a variety of reasons, and most of them are unfortunately never reunited. When a family is reunited, it is often a special story that can instill hope in all of us. This is what happened to one California man and his long-forgotten family. 

Forgotten roots

Silver Young, who was born in a Thai refugee camp in 1980, did not have an easy start in life. His parents fled their home to the Ban Vinai refugee camp in Thailand after war broke out in Laos, endangering their lives. Silver’s father Pana, a soldier and an American ally was called into service soon after the family settled in the camp. After the patriarch of the family was sent to war, those he left behind waited for him to return. However, weeks turned into months, and then years, and Pana was presumed dead. Since the family was no longer waiting for Pana’s return, they decided to emigrate to the US, and successfully did so in 1987. 

A broken family

Pana was actually alive and returned to the camp to reunite with his family in 1988. Sadly, they were gone and he had no idea where they were or how to contact them, so he started a new life. Silver, born Cher Peek Lee, and his family found success and happiness in California, and moved on with their life, until one day when he received a strange message on Facebook.

Hello big brother. Hi cher peek lee. I am your sister Kao Sheng Lee. I’m your sister from Thailand. Please approve my friend request.

Kao Sheng Lee

Mystery Message

Silver received a strange message from a woman claiming to be his half-sister on Facebook. The message seemed odd to him, and he assumed it was a scam. However, the messages continued over the next few years, still claiming to be from a half-sibling and sometimes even including birthday wishes. Silver continued to ignore them until one day the person included a photo of him next to a man – the two men looked almost identical. The resemblance was too uncanny to write off, so Silver finally answered the woman. He discovered that Pana, his biological father, was alive and had started a new family when he lost his back in the ’80s. Together with his newfound sister, they hatched a plan to reunite.

Wonderful reunion

Silver flew to Thailand with many questions and concerns about how his family had been separated all those years ago, but when he saw his father in the flesh, all of his thoughts melted away and he was overwhelmed with emotion.

But as soon as he held me in his arms, none of those questions mattered. I just want to rebuild what we have left. Time waits for nobody.

Silver Young

The moment was captured on social media and sends a powerful message about the unbreakable power of family and connection. 

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