Most people wouldn’t even consider returning the thousands of dollars they found, but one woman didn’t think twice.

Imagine buying a couch and instead of your bank account going down, it went up $36,000. One woman in Southern California had that opportunity, but she gave the money back.

What One Woman Found in a Free Couch She Bought on Craigslist

While browsing Craigslist in search of a couch for her home,  Vicky Umodu found an advertisement for the perfect piece of furniture. It was white and previously owned, but most importantly, it was free.

Her son carried the couch inside and set it up in the living room. While arranging it, the woman felt something hard inside the cushion. Expecting to find a heating pad, she unzipped the cover and found a couple envelopes stuffed with cash.

All in all, there was $36,000 hidden inside the couch. In disbelief, she called to her son and told him what she found. Then, without hesitation, she decided to call the man who sold her the couch so she could return all of the money.

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“I was screaming ‘Come, come, come, come, it’s money, it’s money, I need to call the guy,” she told WTHR.

The couch had belonged to a family member who died. That original owner had hidden money in several odd places around the house, so the man who sold the couch was not surprised to hear that money was found there. However, he was surprised that Umodu returned the cash.

Inspired by the woman’s generosity, the man gave her $2,200 of the found money. He expressed his gratitude with a big “thank you.”

How Many People Have Proved the Importance of Integrity

There were three roommates in New York who found $40,000 in a couch they bought from Salvation Army. Instead of keeping it, they tracked down the person who had donated the couch and gave the 91-year-old widow back her money.

Similarly, when a homeless woman found a purse with $10,000 cash inside, she returned it, and when a rabbi found $98,000 in a desk he bought for $150 off Craigslist, he returned it, too.

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In one story, an employee came across an envelope while collecting shopping carts. Upon inspection, he saw that there was $20,000 inside, and he chased down the car of the person who had dropped it.

Often it feels like there is a lack of honesty and kindness in the world and like everyone is only looking out for themselves. However, as these people prove, there is still so much generosity in the world, you might just have to look a little harder for it. I’d suggest starting with inside the couch cushion.

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