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Woman Going Through a Tough Time Scolds Loud Teens at Movie Theatre - Then, Their Mother Tracks Her Down
Woman Scolds Loud Teens at Theatre - Then Their Mom Sends Her an Apology
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Woman Going Through a Tough Time Scolds Loud Teens at Movie Theatre - Then, Their Mother Tracks Her Down

Misbehaving teenagers ruined one familys movie night.

They say it takes a village to raise children. But sometimes, that village can be made up of unexpected allies.

That’s the lesson one mother learned when she found out that her kids had been misbehaving at the movies and completely ruined the experience for one family going through a rough time.

A Night Out Turned Sour

a woman with blond hair and a woman with brown hair sitting in a movie theatre

A few years ago in Birmingham, Alabama, a mom named Rebecca Boyd was having a rough week. Her husband had just been laid off, and she knew finances were going to be tight for a while. So, she decided to treat her 12-year-old daughter, Ashley, to a movie. It was going to be the last treat for a while, and she wanted to enjoy some time with her kid.

Unfortunately, when they settled in their seats, things took a sour twist. Two teenage girls sat behind them, giggling, talking loudly, and even kicking their seats.

“At one point, I turned around and told them that we paid for the movie just like they did,” Boyd told Yahoo Parenting. “They just giggled at me and continued with the same behavior.”

Needless to say, the night out at the movies wasn’t exactly what Boyd had wanted for her daughter during their last outing for a while, and she was extremely disappointed.

Confronting the Girls

After the movie wrapped, Boyd sent her daughter to the car and decided to do something about the situation. She confronted the teens and told them just how much their behavior had affected her and her daughter.

“I told them they needed to realize that their behavior affects others and they never know what other people around them are going through,” she recalled. “For instance, my husband was just laid off from his job, and this would be the last movie I could take my daughter to for a while, and they had ruined that.”

With that, Boyd met her daughter, and the pair went home to go about their lives.

Tracking Down a Stranger

Boyd may have accepted the situation for what it was, but someone else was furious about it: the girls’ mom, Kyesha Smith Wood. The girls had been at the movies with their brother, and he promptly told his mother what had transpired when they returned home.

Wood was angry at her daughters and wanted to do something to help make up for their behavior. So she went on Facebook and shared a post asking for help in finding Boyd.  

“If you are this woman, please message me,” she wrote. “I can assure you that these girls are being strongly dealt with and appropriately punished. This rude, disrespectful, and awful behavior is unacceptable, and they owe you an apology,” she continued.

“My husband and I are having them write your apology letter tonight, and we would like to pay for your next movie and snacks out of their allowance. Please message me if this is you. I apologize profusely for their disrespect.”

A Chance to Make Things Right

The post began circulating on social media, and before long, Boyd saw it. She reached out, and the two moms connected.

“I was very touched that Kyesha was not offended that I approached her girls,” Boyd said. “Her kind letter brought tears to my eyes.”

As for Wood, she was grateful that somebody stood up to her daughters and reprimanded their actions when no one else would.

“I thanked her for correcting my girls in my absence and letting them know that they were wrong,” Wood added to “A lot of times, people get nervous about saying something to a stranger’s kids. But it takes a village to raise our kids. We as a community need to hear this, that there are parents out there who still believe in old-fashioned methods.”

It Really Does Take a Village

Part of the reason this story resonated with so many people may be because it’s a valuable example of parents helping other parents out.

Boyd could have blamed the teens' parents for their actions or chosen not to forgive. And Wood could have taken Boyd’s words the wrong way and confronted her for it.

Instead, both women showed up for each other as mothers who are just trying their best to raise decent humans. It’s a nice reminder that, no matter what your parenting style, we’re all in this together.

Supporting one another is key to making it all work and to helping parents everywhere feel less alone in their journeys.

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